Fuel leak on holiday - urgent!

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by dazzaxjr, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. Why don't try to find a good electric fuel pump? instead of empi (chinese Marmite!!)..
    Facet, bugpack... ;)
  2. Yep. Maybe next option. Can anyone recommend good fuel pump and place that can ship to France?

    I still have over a week so there is time.
  3. have you got a picture of the original fuel pump , I might have one..Unfortually I am a couple of hours away from you ,up a bit..jk will deliver sharpish to France or http://www.serial-kombi.com/ jk `s sister company..
  4. Wow! You guys are awesome. Gonna sit on the beach and start ringing around!

    When recovery arrived the can started just fine. So assume that my failing fuel pump just needed to cool down. It is the square empi one, so will look at facet it dellorto perhaps for something more reliable.

    One question, pump was fine on Monday I think. So could taking power from the coil have fried it? Is there a better place to mount an take power rather than engine bay?

    If I'm gonna have to do this myself I may as well do it properly. ;)
  5. P.s. Sorry for numerous spelling mistakes. I am using an iPhone on dodgy campsite wifi. God I miss my pc!!!
  6. I have a similar facet style pump mounted under the body on the rear trellis work - I have an in-line filter which has 6mm barbs, the pump has 6mm on one side and 8mm on the other. So I have;

    5.5mm pipe from tank to 6mm filter barb
    6mm filter barb to 6mm pump barb
    8mm pump barb to dells

    use proper fuel clips, not jubilees. Ditch the PTFE and the regulator - you need a low pressure pump, not a high pressure pump with a regulator to take it down.

    The pump will knock and bang and run hot if there is no fuel going through it. Switching it from the + on the coil is correct as you only want the pump to run when the ignition is switched on.
  7. forgot to add, the pump has probably surrendered because its French
  9. dog


    good job, excellent help guys. keep us up to date buddy :)
  10. So planning work tomorrow, and if all the parts arrive I'll take the chance to redo everything from the tank to the carbs.

    So plan is to try and mount the new pump outside the engine bay underneath somewhere, and also remove the plastic fuel filter from the engine bay whilst I'm at it. ;)

    So should end up with: tank > filter > new pump (with filter built in) > carbs.

    Only one question remains. Fuel pump runs up to around 4.5psi, so do I fit the regulator or not?

    Cheers, Darrell.

    (going for the "highest no of dumb questions in a day" award)
  11. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    I think you'll need a regulator still mate
  12. Ok I'm poking around under the van try to figure put how to replace everything when the parts arrive and I find this:


    Seems to be a system 4 fuel catalyser! What next!

    To remove all this crap it looks like I'll have to connect a new pipe to the tank here:
    Problem is the fuel line looks very small. I'm being sent 8mm tubing bit this looks much smaller.

    Any suggestions?
  13. Good news! Courier arrived and delivered this little lot around teatime:


    Just spent a couple of hours stripping out the old fuel lines and planning the new install. The new pump is huge so needs some thinking about.

    I plan to install everything under the van as close to the tank as possible, so I'll have good pressure and no plastic fuel filters in the engine bay.


    Roll on tomorrow.
  14. Doh! Also realised when taking out old fuel lines that the regulator was on back to front. "in" was connected to carbs. :(
  15. Ok. I'm just about done here. I don't know what I've done to the universe but karma is having a right good laugh at my expense. :(

    Spent all yesterday evening stripping out all the old fuel pipe, pump, filters, and stupid fuel catalyser.

    Spent all morning running new lines, pump, filters. Plugged it all in and no fuel. Pump is running but no fuel coming out. I've removed everything twice, blown through pipes to ensure no blockages. Can't find a problem.

    I really want to swear. It's a good job I can't find my Sledgehammer or I'd smash the damn thing to pieces.

    So now company I bought from isn't open Saturday, and it's a bank holiday weekend. So looks like we'll be coming home on a trailer. Two weeks holiday ruined. Ive never felt this low in my life. :(
  16. Given previous post, hesitate to ask whether pump is right way round. But would suggest checking pump by itself to see whether it is working. Failing that, any fuel left in the tank? (sorry but just trying to eliminate as many of the "obvious" as possible. (oh and there is always light at the end of the tunnel)

    Can you get fuel out of the tank by sucking on a line? Just trying to see if there is a block or the pump isn't pumping.

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