Fuel leak on holiday - urgent!

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  1. Hi, following on from the continuing saga of my french holiday with a bid that's decided to have a mid life crisis. Here's where we are:

    I have a type 4 engine with two of these babies installed:

    Halfway across France I found a fuel leak from the fuel pump. See other threads on here. :( I found a garage and they installed an electric pump and regulator.

    Here it all is:

    Drove 80 km back from garage and all seemed ok until the next morning when I checked and found the new fuel pump was leaking petrol from one of the fittings.

    If you look at the top fitting you can see 2 clips and half a roll of ptfe tape I got from the local hypermarket. It's all I could find and we'll see tomorrow if it holds.

    So in meantime the regulator has me puzzled. The instructions talk about setting 1-3psi, and justkampers website says it give 1-4psi, but the dial has 0.5-5.5 on it?

    So what do I set it too?

    Final problem. Just ran the bus for a while and noticed that the fuel pump sounds different now. Yesterday it buzzed, today it's more of a click click click. Also gets red hot while in use. Can that be good for a fuel pump? Power has been taken from the coil for the pump.

    So here's my repair for the leak (fingers crossed):

    For the rest, i have just over a week to sort this before driving (or being towed) 800 miles home.

    Can anyone offer and words of advice or encouragement?
    Cheers, Darrell, wife and 2 sprogs stuck in France.

    P.s. Sorry for large post.
  2. reading the instructions from the post, it looks like you need to set the pressure reg dial to 1 (is it bar or psi, its hard to tell). The dial is just a maximum/minimum, max being 5.5 & minimum being 0.5 psi

    It may be you need to increase it slightly, depending on performance.

    one comment I would make is to pop a couple of jubilee clips on the pressure regulator, just to be safe

    I dont know how hot the fuel pump should run as mine is out of the way.

    HTH, I'm sure someone else will comment too
  3. dells need 3.5 psi , not sure what the mech pump gives but mine works fine on a mech pump .(from memory the mechanical pump is 9psi ??) I`m guess the leak is because the fuel pipe is too big and won`t close up enough to seal ??? , when your back the pump needs to be sited outside the engine bay
  4. Hi

    I have the same regulator. THere was a long thread on JK about the dial and what it means. JK were wrong it is not bar! The dial pretty much means PSI so set it to 2.5 and you should be ok.

    I think that if there is not enough fuel in the float chambers then you will stand on the gas and it will stutter. Better too litttle initially than too muchI reckon. Best see what others think though.

    Make sure you have fuel clips on the regulator though!

  5. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    Don't run it too lean! A mate has just fried a brand new engine by setting the regulator too low!
    Also, try to get some decent fuel line clips as those jubilees will damage the fuel line. Make sure there's one on every connection!
    Finally, that fuel line looks too big.
  6. i agree with lhu about the pipe size, if you can find a motor spares, the barbed nozzle bit with the ptf is probably removable it should unscrew and they are availiable in different sizes to suit the pipe, just get one that fits the pipe.
    oh and as mark says stick some clips on the reg, its just better ;)
  7. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    Those regulators come with different sized connectors
  9. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    I didn't say your pressure was too low mate, just to double and triple check the setting. A mate killed his newly rebuilt engine by not checking the regulator setting.
  10. Sorry, I just re-read my post and it sounded a bit aggressive!
  11. Guys, you maybe onto something about the pipe sizes bi noticed that the pipe from the fuel tank to the pump is smooth and larger than the pipe from the pump who h is covered with material.

    In the kit there were two types of screw in fitting. One for 1/4" and one for 5/16". The 1/4" one was too small so used the larger one, even though it only has one lip on it. The smaller ones had 4 lips on and hence were more jagged, but like I said were smaller.

    Any ideas what pipe size I should use throughout? Or is it ok to mix like this.

    Cheers, Darrell.
  12. i think from memory that the tank outlet is 5/16 and the dell banjos are 8mm . so a bit of stepping up /down , The least joints the better
  13. I've got a leccy fuel pump without a regulator???
  14. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

  15. where in france are you?
  16. I am on a campsite near soustons, about 150km south of bordeux on the coast.

    Shame, because apart from bus problems were having a good time.

  17. Well I'll take the bus out for a run this morning and see I'd it's any better.

    Also thinking of ordering another fuel pump as a spare whilst I have time. I'd the one I have is faulty (running red hot and strange noise) then don't want to get stuck again without parts.

    Cheers, Darrell.
  18. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    If my fuel pump was running red hot, I'm not sure I would want to take it out for a run....... (Red hot and petrol are not the best combination)
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  20. Well on my way to find car spares it died on me again. :(

    I think it's the fuel pump again as I knew it didn't sound healthy.

    Right now thinking of just jacking it all in and having it towed back to UK and getting a hire car. It would break my heart but this is supposed to be a holiday and I've lost faith right now. :(

    Will see what recovery man says.

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