Front beam rebuild

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by volkswombat, Mar 28, 2018.

  1. No that's authentic good quality original filth. Not modern crap repro Chinese flap filth. It stays.
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  2. I rue the day I cleaned the dashboard of its 6 years of filth.
    Never been the same since.
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  3. You’ve looked at my bus and said
    Marmite my ain’t all that bad

    Keep the faith
  4. Painted stuff.
  5. As its warmed up and I'm back in shorts full-time I decided it was the ideal outfit to use the grinder in. Needed to chop off a couple of nuts. So donning my full ppe of short shorts, hoody with dangly drawstrings, and long hair, I hacked my nuts off.
    Which meant I could then waggle me balljoints and select which set of torsion arms I would be reusing.
    So I now have 4 torsion arms and 2 hub carriers to clean and paint ready to reassemble.
    It's s small start. But spurred on by the fact that my schiessenbulli will be tax and mot exempt in a couple of months so I can get away with only rebuilding some of the steering, suspension and brakes before putting it back on the road:thumbsup:
    This may be an extremely fast reassembly now, but scream if you want to go faster
  6. And I was not happy with my steering box after its little adventure last year, felt very sloppy and wouldn't adjust away, so I've picked up a good second hand unit, cleaned it up and going to take my old one off and fit the new one.
    So there.
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  7. Yaay! He’s back. Any room in the conservatory yet, or is that a stupid question?
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  8. Ha!
    It was lovely for a couple of months but its become more shed like again recently due to all my work gear:rolleyes:
    Plans are afoot to do a conservatory conversion to prevent it becoming a shed/workshop though!
  9. I've 2 sets of hub carriers and I just noticed one set has hollow spindles and the other has solid.
    Both sets off a late, so any reason for that or any difference?
  10. Think one is for the speedo cable to run through.
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  11. Doh, Of course!! Good man!
  12. He’s right. Or you could stick a piece of decorative raffia work through it :thumbsup:
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  13. Nice lawn!
  14. All the boys say that.
    It's not really though. Muppet the dog has seen to that:mad:
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  15. You should see ours. Moss with rabbit holes.

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