Front beam rebuild

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  1. Weeeellllllll
    Funny you say that.
    As I'm painting all these bits and tarting it all up, I do keep glancing at my piles of bolts with their manky heads and thinking how ghastly they'll look when fitted to the nice parts......
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  2. Kays Fasteners on fleaBay will sell you some nice shiny ones for not very much...
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  3. I just hope my bloody steering box still works when we're rolling again or it'll be the end of me:mad:
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  4. I did warn you
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  5. Really need to watch the pennies so might clean up what I've got then after they've been spannered back on , give the heads a little touch up with some rustoleum to match
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  6. Fingers crossed
  7. Get a small wire wheel in your drill, clamp ‘em in a Workmate, and give ‘em a good clean up...
  8. Or graunch them between my buttocks on a leisurely stroll round Lyndhurst. Same result:thumbsup:
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  9. Mammoth front end job, always good to get past the mucky stages and onto cleaner bits.
    Quality job.
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  10. That's certainly another way :thumbsup:
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  11. Theres always another way!
  12. Can you turn it cleanly from lock to lock with oil in it?
  13. Back to scraping underseal:mad:
    Today I as mostly been cleaning up the front bellypan wotsit
    Got this cheap a few years back to replace my rusty as lychee one, used as is until now but as my bus is heading for concours condition, thought I'd make the effort.

    Scraped all the underseal off, bathed in white spirit, had a couple of bashes where I assume the previous owner ran aground while doing some offroading in the Quantocks, so I've knocked them out using my panel beating set ( railway sleeper and "not best" hammer), will treat the surface rust and paint in sexy satin lingerie black.
    [​IMG]screenshot app
    Yes that's a pic of both sides , just so you can grasp the enormity of what I undertook today instead of going to Church.
    I will post an equally long and yet somewhat insufficient update when I get round to painting it.
  14. It's never pleasant being bashed in the Quantocks...
  15. At a WW1 exhibition in Scarborough an elderly lady told us that her father was shot in the Dardanelles.
  16. Yeah it turns ok, tightens up in the middle which I believe is correct.
    Not adjusted properly yet though, will remain to see how good it is when i get to drive it again......
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  17. That'd make your eyes water...
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  18. Top of my street. Great place .I call in for odd bolt and it's no trouble for them . I feel as though I've stolen the thing with what they charge.
  19. Pretty big day, had a reporter from the local rag at the door asking to do a story on today's progress as word had spread about the giganticness of it.
    I bolted the accelerator linkage to the cab floor.
    Sweatin man


    actually found the bolts for fitting gear shift plate to the floor. So I inserted them. A bit.
    By this time I was sweating like an aboriginal on a drink drive charge.

    As if that wasn't enough, I then proceeded to clean up the front gear shift rod, brake pedal. And the clutch pedal . I know. Too much.
    But they are now ready to paint.
    This is a thread with progress.
    All you munters what build engines in a week or top your oil up monthly can get stuffed. This is real life, in real time.
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  20. Can you please give that washer bottle a wipe over?

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