Front beam rebuild

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by volkswombat, Mar 28, 2018.

  1. I only reassembled it because the seals and other bits were lying around and I was in danger of losing things:oops::D
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  2. Been at the paint fumes again. There goes another can of stain black.
    Quality job scraping all the underseal.
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  3. Always on the paint fumes mate!!
    About a 1/4 way through painting the underneath, body colour.
    Scraping underseal. Horrific!
    Hows the van going?
  4. Been a while.....
    Realised that as the hot weather is fading rapidly, I should really finish painting under the bus so that it will cure a bit quicker, ready for reassembly.
    So underneath is now all one colour, but will need at least one more coat

    Cab floor had its final coat
    [​IMG]screen capture windows 7

    And when I removed the gearstick this wee jobby was broken

    So welded it back together

    Also painted a few other bits n bobs
  5. Nice to see your back on it
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  6. Top job! Is that Rustoleum underneath?
  7. Yeah the combi colour stuff. think it's called safety yellow but is an excellent match for Marino yellow which is what my van is/was/should be !
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  8. I have some rattle cans of L21H (or whatever it is for Marino yellow) that I got mixed up and if you paint that beside the rustoleum it's pretty damn close match!
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  9. Should'nt this thread now be entitled "Front Beam, Rebuild".?
  10. More like front end rebuild....!
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  11. Is it finished yet, Jez?
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  12. Almost, just need to put the hub caps on!
  13. :thumbsup:
  14. Because I've done lots of painting again, more yellow underneath and lots of bits in satin black.
    Gonna be a real beaut!
    From a distance.
  15. Satin black van lingerie
  16. Super duper!
  17. PS Why, when I click on that pic to enlarge it, does it tell me about Single Russian Ladies In My Area?
  18. :lol:
    The paint fumes must be affecting your vision dear!
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  19. Are you @paradox in disguise?
  20. Must nip down to the village recreation ground with a hack saw when darkness falls ;)
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