Front beam rebuild

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  1. Got myself a nice rust free beam, want to freshen it up a bit before I fit it, how can i tell if the steering pin/bushes need replacing,? Would I be able to feel any play by hand?
    I'd rather not replace good bits unnecessarily....
  2. Apart from giving it a good wobble (keep the bell crank on it for a bit of leverage), can't think of any other way. Just need to try to see if there's any side to side or up and down movement. Prob see it better with everything connected.

    If you do need to change the pin and bushes, I've got a tool you can have a borrow of. Half-hour job :thumbsup:
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  3. It's still got the tie rods etc connected and I had a wee yank , it seemed ok, but will have another check.
    If it needs doing, is the play pretty obvious?
  4. It should be once you get the beam in. From what I remember when I did mine, if you jack the front up and watch the pin as your trusty assistant winds the steering wheel, the pin tends to move up and down if it's worn. If you do need to change it, easy enough with the beam in.

    Give it a lick of paint beforehand, tho', especially your shock horns.
  5. when you have worked out what you are doing pop up and check mine!
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  6. Also:
    - change your pants regularly
    - if you're doing the Hokey Cokey, remember it's left arm in first
    - avoid drink and loose women
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  7. A quick check would be to remove the pin and look at it.
    If it has any visible scuff marks on it where it rotates in the bushes (indicative of wear) , or the whole thing is not packed solid with grease (indicative of poor maintenance) , I would change the pin and the bushes.
    My steering pin wobbled when it had signs of wear on it , so I got lazy and just changed the pin. It soon wobbled again. So I replaced both it and the bushes and that fixed it.

    The sawn off leg off a child's swing makes an excellent drift for removing and replacing the bushes, you put it over the old steering pin and hit the head of the pin .
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  8. Made a start today....

    Prepare for a barrage of stupid questions, I'm sure you remember what I'm like.....

    Is oil leaking from a shock absorber means it's knackered??
  9. Yes to your shocks knackered :thumbsup:
  10. Generally, yes.
  11. Great, they're less than 2 yrs old, boge ones

    Is ANYTHING made to last?
  12. Koni shocks, not cheap but worth it.
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  13. And look the nuts! Lifetime warranty so worth it. [​IMG]

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  14. Boges should last longer than that - mine have been going ten years. How much oil is leaking?

    It could be you, of course - you're just cursed ;)
  15. Red ha its a hair dresser colour ;)
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  16. Certainly feels like I'm. Cursed sometimes, I'll take a pic tomorrow but there's an obvious oil slick down the shock
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  17. Trying to strip down my replacement beam for a clean up etc, got the lower torsion arms off, but the upper ones are pressing hard down on the bump stops so I can't just wiggle it off, how do you remove it ?
    Bentley doesn't say anything about it that I can see.
  18. Gert big lever and a hammer :thumbsup:
  19. Thought it might be that but then wondered how on earth you get it back on , in that case?
  20. I’ve never done it Jez, but likely best jacked up when the beam’s on the van.

    At least you know your springs work ;)
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