Frannie | 1979 Westfalia 2.0l automatic

Discussion in 'Restorations' started by mechanix, Oct 3, 2017.

  1. [​IMG]

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  2. Looks like you've done this many times. But great, this is encouraging @shielsy !
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  3. [​IMG]
    [​IMG]hope this helps the time you l waste on repairing that front doing it this way is cheaper
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  4. When you've got your skill! - nice :)
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  5. if you do a front panel the way i do it , i find it quick . then when its off its easier to drill out the spot welds and use vise grips to pull the remains of the panels of , as seen in pics
  6. Plus it opens everything else to be assessed repaired and painted so it lasts.

    Owen you should buy a whippet move to yorkshire and open a restoration workshop
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  7. am a great dane man but i liked that one i sent you in pic lovely wee thing
  8. I've been hammering pretty hard this week, it's amazing what you can do with those guys:


    But how the hell do you remove the rear side panel covers?
    They seem to be clamped and should slide up if I understand, but mine are completely stuck, I removed both screws (broke one of each actually). Don't want to use brute force on them.
  9. They should slide up but often need a little persuasion
  10. Ok so no special trick there. I think the rubbery rim got very sticky, or might have even been glued generously, it's now pretty cooked and hard to slice through. Heating it up may help.
    I can be persuasive. Thanks !

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