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  1. Frannie is a 1979 Californian Westfalia, 2.0l, automatic gearbox. Interior is a Campmobile 70.
    Original colour was supposed to be Mexico magnolia.

    For the history, I originally found the ad on gumtree, but discovered today that the original add was also on TLB:
    This is the best reference with regards to its original state.

    There was some scam suspicion behind me, the story now tells that I'm legit, and happy about what was a fairly swift transaction and a painless drive down to Nice:

    Today, I had a proper check at the dashboard and its wiring, loads of cables going nowhere... I removed a tachometer which was doing nothing but light (only plugged to positive and ground, no linkage to the alternator...), I don't need it right now anyway. I'm looking at some simple things for now before getting underneath and over...

    Could you help me to source those parts?

    1/ First of all, there is no more air blow heater in the engine compartment. I would need some help to source one, any idea?

    2/ The park brake light transparent cover is falling apart, the complete reference is 13 919 933 B, any idea also?

    3/ Further more, I have on the passenger side, a red button which is a strange fix to activate the windscreen washer, it does not work with the lever anymore (will try to fix this when I'll understand how to get rid of the cover around the steering column), and also there is another empty hole. My question is what where those two equipped with?

    Sorry for so many questions, I'll definitely share every further work from here.


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  2. 1/ That’s the snail fan. They come up for sale from time to time.

    2/ There is a group buy for parts, including the brake light lens, get in quick but that number doesn’t look correct.

    3/ I prefer electric washers but it should be easy enough to return it to standard. EDIT Download the owner’s manual/handbook from The Samba, that will show you which switches were where.

    EDIT The lens is Part No OK65305 from
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  4. Fan and casing, brackets and part 9a are definitely on my hunting list... @davidoft, please let me know if you have any of them. This would be just great!
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    I have 9a, pretty certaini have fan bracket etc
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  7. You're a star. Feels like all is going to get back into shape pretty quickly. Do not hesitate to PM your price for the lot once all together, it's simple, all elements have been removed, I need everything and actually wonder if there was a controller for the fan speed on the dashboard also.
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  10. Glad to see you're whipping her into shape buddy, the red button for the washer was working the weekend before you picked her up must just be a dodgy connection somewhere
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  11. I found the dodgy connection indeed, one cable was disconnected, nevertheless it appears that 12v goes through even when the ignition key isn't on, doesn't feel right somehow. Surely the electric washers could be connected back to the wipers lever, I'll dig that up tomorrow.
  12. Sounds awful, :eek:

    bring it back..:D
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  13. you will soon learn @davidoft has a lot of stuff ...:D
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  14. The washers weren't originally electric
    The washer bottle was pressurised with a pump and the washer hose was connected to a valve operated by the wiper lever
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  15. I see, I know understand perfectly why I found both the pressure bottle and the electric square bottle on the web, my van is indeed equiped with the latest square electric one. Will check if there's a clever way to set the spraying back to the lever, don't like the button that much.
  16. No way! Never!!! :p
    Now it's mine :hug:
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  17. Some people replace the valve with a micro switch
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  18. No, that goes into the wash/wipe stalk and replaces the valve putting the washers back onto the stalk, come with complete instructions, well mine did.
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