Frannie | 1979 Westfalia 2.0l automatic

Discussion in 'Restorations' started by mechanix, Oct 3, 2017.

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    Get the proper tools for repairing that front panel and it’s readily saveable.
  2. I think you may be on to something :p
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  3. I’m not just a pretty face you know
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  4. Tyres on the front,
    probably used for bump parking, :)
    the front panels are quite thin in the middle..
  5. Indeed, definitely not the best spot to fit a wheel considering the thickness of that panel, no beam or anything, I have removed the inserts, found many extra holes also. Wondering what they were used for. A VW symbol will be plenty, or none, haven't made my mind yet.
  6. Is the front repairable..?
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    Yes :D
  8. You offering.....:D
  9. I don't think he is allowed any further south !
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    If I get a free holiday:D
  11. Come over if you wish, but it ain't gonna feel like holidays... Front is going to be fine, like the rest, not too many bad surprises so far, haven't removed the windows yet.
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  12. I knew this would be nasty. Left Louvred window bottom edge is well rotten. It brings a good feel about what's coming next.

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  13. Hi TLB! Its been a while, been surely kept busy with many things on Frannie, a lot of removal and inspection, cleaning up and getting geared up for the job.
    This is today's picture. May winter be productive ...
    On the list:
    • Seek and destroy rust (pyrolysis involved),
    • Engine compartment battery trays replacements (scratching, cutting and welding involved),
    • Engine rework,
    • Wire harness connectors fixing,
    • Engine sensors control,
    • Body panels rework (annihilate and fix any rust again),
    • Exhaust replacement,
    • Suspension replacement,
    • Steering plays fixing.
    I think this should let winter go through, hopefully tackling the interior and thousand of other bits before spring really kicks in... Maybe...

    Many thanks to everybody supplying parts, @davidoft and @onion , you rock !

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  14. I hope everybody is well and many lucky get to get the vans out! Winter has passed and summer is kicking in, and Frannie is taking forever to restaure...

    I shot many pictures, the body has been worked on here and there but is still ages away from being ready for respray. However I dedicated hundred of hours destroying rust an all engine panels, and any part that would show some sign of cancer. The engine is now being reassembled, for practice first and finalising the injection setup. 40 years have definitely been everywhere, but time and effort pays off. Electrolysis has helped me annihilating rust to dust while I could sleep, elbow grease and a lot of scratching being involved still. I found an amazing product called EPF (bi component), and met great people, I hung out with people knowing how to body work right, I still have a lot to learn, but they where pretty happy with the parts I supplied for respray.

    I apologise for disappearing such a long time, Frannie took a part of my life...

    Here are a couple of pictures of tonight session:

    Rebuild of the Xenomorph Facehugger:

    Trying the panels:

    A few pictures illustrating the adventure going backward in time:

    A day hammering:

    Rust hunt started here:
    A glorious day:

    That ain't no good:

    I'll be back with the engine in good shape soon hopefully, once I'll figure out why the bloody coils I have in hands do not seem to fit my spark plugs... I thought I might have bought T3s models coils, but I am not able to fit the previous ones to the original spark plugs either...

    Write to you again soon


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    Unscrew the little caps off the ends of the spark plugs, those lead ends grip straight onto the threaded bit
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  16. Genius Flakey! I woke up with the same brilliant idea, it took me a good night sleep to figure it out... What a dumb head
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  17. Hi everybody. I'm back in business after a 6 months long break. I have, at last, found a decent place to look after the body work. It's been over a year already...

    I'm nearly there with the engine... 3D printed some flexible parts, fits better than originals. Will print them black eventually.


    Removed all openings and windows, now I got a clear statement of where the worst is, definitely the front panel, the usual disease... It's worse than it looks at the inside rim is almost gone as well. Would you go for a complete replacement of the front beam and front panel?


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  18. i done mine in 4 hours ] but REMEMBER NO 2 ARE THE SAME

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  19. or this but took longer
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  20. [​IMG]some minor repairs needed and paint

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