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  1. Hello,

    I've been fiddling with the electrical lately, mainly dashboard stuff, removed all cables related to the radio and rev counter, things are getting a lot clearer. Now that I'm pretty familiar with the front, I moving backward, and stopped on the Westfalia control panel which has been completely cut off from the main circuit, the fridge does not work, neither does the interior light for now (checked bulbs obviously).

    I dismantled the battery level gauge which was full of rust, and found out that the pointer was out of its axis. Careful cleaning, and a little welding here and there got everything back into place, I tested the thing on 5v and 12v, and I was happy to see the pointer moving backward and from red to green.

    I now need to understand how everything was actually cabled out. I believe that it is supposed to be connected like this:
    • black: ground
    • white: stationary battery +
    • red: city current +
    • blue: fridge +
    Stop me if I'm wrong before I fry up everything.

    Enjoy your evening.

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  4. Good work ...:thumbsup:

    it looks like you have a new hobby...:)
  5. Indeed! One project completed (VW LT 31 Florida 2.4 TD 1996), another in...

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  6. I do like those lt campers
    I would love to see some more pics of it please
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  7. Wow she's a biggun...:D
  8. This is getting off topic, but LTs are quite something, I owned 2, and I believe the 6 cylinders TD are the best, its got enough power to enjoy the Alps (mind the brakes though) and cruise along motorways although body work is an absolute aerodynamic aberration.

    This van is taking us absolutely everywhere and preferably nowhere, far and wide, equipped for winter, can drive and sleep the 6 of us, ABS and power steered. Fits anywhere being 5m long only.

    I think that Westfalia was at its very best with interior design with the Sven Hedin and Florida, nothing like what they do nowadays on abusively called "modern campers", didn't age a bit over 20 years, it is getting abused and is still near to immaculate. I can see where they've been coming from now that I'm lucky to have my hands on a Bay Window, the Westfalia spirit was definitely incubated in Kombis and died with T3 sand LTs (Joker and Carthago being my favorites), T4s are just about ok, T5s and T6s are absolutely useless for living inside.

    Showing you around, was completely resprayed last year, it is Florida, all options, with a few enhancements required from years of traveling for my fairly big family.



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  9. Impressive..!
  11. Back on topic now, Frannie just got lighter this morning, was there a Berlin kit inside?


    Let's move on...
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  12. Hope you're keeping the interior!
  13. Yes @AndyC , I'm keeping the interior, most panels need fixing though, trying to find the perfect laminate match...
    By the way, was Westfalia greedy on the rubber junctions on this Kombi, or do they shrink with age? I enclosed 2 examples, but it is the case more or less everywhere.

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  14. They shrink with age
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  15. o_O They shrink even more when exposed to sun apparently. Could replace C14 time dating...
  16. Mine are all like that. I found a very good match to the original laminate.

    I think I have a sample somewhere. I will dig it out. Hope it has the name written on the back.
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  17. This is it.

    Is a very close match.


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  18. Right now we're going Rats! Front panel needs proper fixing. It took a hit, and previous job was a mess, was getting rotten. Let's reach bare metal...


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  19. A lot of American busses seem to have had the fronts bashed in and poorly repaired ☹️
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