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  1. Day 6
    MPG... Unsure but not using as much fuel as expected, I'll work it out when we next full up
    VW waves...0
    None VW waves... 2
    Times I've called the van a jerk...0
    Oil lost... 10mm on the dip stick
    Started the van up first time, sounded very "knocky", even the Mrs noticed it sounded different, so I was a bit panicked by that, few miles in and it was running fine.
    Stopped for fuel after 12 miles and didn't expect it to start, but again it started first time.
    Blasted through the whole 280k in a oner, and after I stopped worrying I really enjoyed it. The van appears to have a mind of its own though, one big hill and I'll be crawling up, maybe down to 30mph at the top of the worst one, then the next hill I was overtaking the wagons on the way up, there appeared to by no rhyme or reason to any of this, it was pot luck on how the van wanted to go up.
    Oil light didn't come on once, even directly after the drive when we pulled into the camp site, but the weather has dropped by a few degrees.
    Side winds probably been the biggest issue today, especially with the amount of play already on the steering, but nothing too dramatic.

    Now we need to find a campsite with a proper pub and pub food, ideally just a little North of London or near Dartford for tomorrow night to break the journey up, and it's our first wedding anniversary tomorrow, and nothing says anniversary like proper pub food
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    Seems as if the van has developed vanxiety and just wants to get back to north Blighty
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  3. Spot on , glad it`s all working out :thumbsup:


    Can`t recommend a pub but personally i`d try to get as far past `That London` as possible - and i lives there ...

    Another hour behind the wheel will get you somewhere a tad more scenic and probably half the price of Dartford :thumbsup:

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  4. Day 7

    MPG... No idea due to traffic
    VW waves... 3
    None VW waves...0
    Times I called the van a jerk...0
    Oil lost...0%


    Van has started every time no problem. Did park somewhere where I'd have struggled to have bumped it but it's started fine.
    Got a couple of bottles of plonk cheap, we don't really drink wine but £4 for prosecco, ha.
    The wine shop has a deal advertised, not sure if it's as clear cut as the advert
    Ferry crossing was easy and they put us on an earlier one.
    Had the van up to 60mph as a little test and the oil light/save my bug came on when idling, slowed it down to 50/55mph and that sorted it out.
    Found a pub stop over to break up the drive, the Mrs picked well, a proper boozer.

    Hopefully crash magic give a decent price to sort out the Mrs mishap tomorrow

    And I've got severe sun burn, hopefully it's just the early stages of bronzing
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    When I said look after the dog in the heat I assumed you’d be able to look after yourself – have you not been in sunshine before?:)

    Get rid of that ‘save my bug’ thing and fit an oil temperature gauge if you want to know how hot the oil is.
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  6. With your oil level going up and down are you sure it's completely level or at least on the angle by the same amount as this will affect the reading you get at least it does on my bus
    Happy travels:)
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