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  1. Sounds like an amazing journey

    I wonder if you need to increase the tick over
    If the light coming on really concerns you , take the bulb out or stick insulating tape over and then relax

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  2. Bertie the mini poodle, he’s 11, this is his first trip abroad and he’s enjoying himself but finding it quite warm
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  3. Sounds like great fun - it brings back memories of our trips to South of France in our old Marina in the 80s.
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  4. Lovely dog! We used to have a brown miniature Poodle about 10 years ago called Lucy. Bred in Barnsley! We now have a standard Poodle, same colour as Bertie but 27"at the shoulder and 90 lbs on the scales!
  5. I've taken this advice and now I'm engine braking down all hills and for junctions.
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  6. I've got a "save my bug" thermometer thing on, so I think it's that setting it off, it is red hot outside (32 degrees) so I don't think I've much temperature to play with
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  7. Day 5
    MPG... Unsure
    VW waves...1
    None VW waves... 1
    Times I've called the van a jerk...1, the Mrs though is a different question
    Oil lost... 0
    Trackers died but that's pretty much the route, did it in three blasts.
    First blast was just over an hour, quick service stop break, van wouldn't start, I've started to question if it's the starter or a hot start issue.
    Second blast ended with an unintentional break after the Mrs crashed my baby into a car and trailer
    20190625_112340.jpg 20190625_112333.jpg 20190625_112319.jpg 20190625_112325.jpg
    And then guess what, van wouldn't start, ha, had to bump it in reverse down the roadworks.
    Went to the French man's insurers so all details got sorted, but then guess what, wouldn't start, got a push off the wife and a kind stranger.
    Passed a lovely jaffa bay with a trailer today, K reg, don't know if they are on the forum, nice van though.
    The third leg was a slog, probably 2 hours driving, stopped at a shop for essential supplies, parked in a position for ease of a bump start, and guess what, van started. It's having my life.
    Checked the oil and it seems slightly above the line, but was on the line when we set off, I've drained some and I'll top it off in a bit.
    Generally, with the Mrs crash, the oil light carry on etc, my vanxiety has been through the roof today
    Set up now though
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  8. Those aren’t ideal for a bus as generally the same engine will run hotter in a bus than a bug due to the weight your pushing along
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  9. Did you remember to let her back in the bus? ;)
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  10. That’s a shame , bet your gutted ,most would be .:(

  11. Check your oil doesn’t smell of fuel
    I don’t want to add to your worries but if the level seems to be rising it could be the float valve sticking in your carb.

    If it does smell of fuel don’t worry it can be a simple fix and will stop things getting any worse.
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  12. The worst thing was, I told her what to do as she was a bit confused, she didn't listen, and this happened.

    I'm gutted though, I had a shiny van, and we're taking it to bug jam, I've spoken with crash magic and hopefully it'll be sorted soon, she can do all the running around for that though!
  13. I'll drain a bit more out and have a sniff, could do without a carb issue, I had one when I set off but that's been gone for a few hundred miles now, actually I'm probably due one!
  14. Shiny not good for full enjoyment ... We've been using what should have been just a weddings bus, and learning to leave "trailer Queen" thoughts behind ... Enjoying the read. I was too lazy to post about our UK trips, so :hattip:
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  15. Just pull the dip stick and have a sniff

    If it is its most likely just a bit of crud jamming the float valve open
  16. Got my head under the van before I read your message to drain some out and she climbed in the van bringing it down on my bonce, she's on a mission today.
    Can't be sure, but I don't think it smells of fuel. I'm not mechanically mind at all so there's an amount of guess in this.

    Is it easy to check the float valve with minimal tools in a field?
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  17. Yes it’s easy enough but no need to be doing anything if the oil isn’t smelling of fuel.
    What engine and carb/carbs do you have?
  18. 1600 twin port
    Silex 34pict-3

    The sump bolt is still hot to the touch and I've been stopped a couple of hours
  19. Don’t worry don’t think about that now
    You have something more to add to the story when you tell it

    Tranquilo! :)
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  20. How far are you from camp ? Be good idea to get camped up ASAP , and I recommend with hot weather to keep your driving too night time if you can. Try not to cane it but keep fan moving . If you can up your tick over this will help . Good luck ,hopefully it will change soon .:thumbsup:
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