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Discussion in 'France' started by VDubvan, Jun 23, 2019.

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    Don’t drain oil from the sump; as long as it does not smell of fuel it’s better to run with the oil level slightly above max rather than below.

    Sounds like you should restrict your wife to pushing before she does any more damage to you and/or the bus and be careful with your dog over the next couple of days the heat is likely to increase where you are – day time close to 40C and above 20C during the night.

    How close to Lyon do you intend to be on your way to the Med? I live about 45 minutes away and your welcome to call in – we have plenty of room for a campervan. And I have plenty of tools.
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  2. All camped up for two nights now, then just the push home
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  3. We're sitting still for two nights, then North over two days for the Calais crossing, then the run up to the north east from there, but we're splitting that in two.

    Would have loved to have called in for some advice if we were heading that way though, comfort zone is not something I'm in right now, ha
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    Grab yourself a glass or two of vino and chill for the night
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    Good idea^.

    Sorry, I thought I read you were heading for the Med but I’ve just noticed that was @SundialCamperSpecialists – he’s welcome to call in too.:)
  6. Enjoy :thumbsup:
  7. This is the plan

    And we've cleaned the tyre rubber off the van and it doesn't look as horrific as before,
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    Jes, she made a good job of that!
    It is what it is though so feck it. It’s what insurance is for!
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  10. It's on the leisure battery with a split charge too, so there's no logic at all to my theory about it affecting the starter, ha
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  11. I thought it was her fault, or at least in her control, then the insurance did the same thing, tbh cleaned up it's not as shocking 20190625_200503.jpg 20190625_200513.jpg
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    One of those things isn’t it; they’re only old delivery vans when you think about it!
    Have fun
    (And just remember she owes you ... ;-))
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    I wouldn’t risk it, chance of dropping a float bowl screw or part of the carb into the engine bay or long grass leaving you pretty stranded.
    Just give the side of the carb a couple of taps with a screwdriver. Hopefully this might dislodge the dirt from the float valve.
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  14. This ^^^
    You`re having a memorable adventure , just keep on doin` what you`re doing :thumbsup:
    Just imagine there`s no internet , you wouldn`t have all these imaginary `problems` :thinking:

    Don`t ignore the bug alert light thing as these come on about 110 degrees but that is a good temp to run at giving it`s quite warm where you are so don`t panic , as said before maybe speed up the tickover a tad .

    Safe journey back :)

  15. Thanks, we’re in Luxembourg at the moment and generally heading for Switzerland next, fancy Lausanne for a few days. Had some running issues and poor hot start , diagnosed coil on the blink so called at an auto parts store in Bastogne for a Bobbine d’allumage , they ordered us one in for the afternoon and all seems good now
  16. I'll do this now.

    I did the oil yesterday, then due to vanxiety I've rechecked it today, a tiny (1-2mm) bit under the line after its sat for a night.
    I've checked all the connectors I can see.
    Anything else obvious I should be doing?

    Also... Does everyone's engine have a distinctive smell? Mine does when it's running, but I've been able to smell it all day when near the van without it running, might be best related, but should it smell at any point?

    300km tomorrow, planning on setting off early as it's meant to be 26-28 degrees by dinner time down here, cooler up at Dunkirk though. Will probably been the drive into two. All by myself as she can't be trusted to walk with scissors never mind my baby
  17. Thanks for this, this has eased my mind a bit
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  19. Ha ha superb!:)
  20. Nice to hear your journey, ‘bonne chance’ on your way home :thumbsup:
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