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  1. Set off for France on Friday night, a bit daunting.

    Day one

    Got stuck in major standstill traffic on the A1 for over an hour and a half in the sun, didn't know how the air-cooled would handle that, but no issue.
    I've never had the engine running that long before.

    MPG... No idea due to traffic
    VW waves... 2
    None VW waves...3
    Times I called the van a jerk...4
    Oil lost...0%

    Day two
    Checked the oil and got stuck in a be conversation in the street when I knew I had bacon in the pan. Longest day of planned driving. Also worked out my Speedo is about 5mph behind accurate. I also think there isn't much guidance as to how the ferry to Calais works, as someone that's never done it before, it's a bit confusing.
    VW waves... 1
    None VW waves...2
    Times I called the van a jerk...1
    Oil lost...0%
    Day three
    Van started, then cut out. Started, then cut out.
    Drove it to the top of the street and it was fine, jerk.
    Got on a decent road and it's been flying. Came to a large hill so I thought I'd get the gains of freewheeling and cool air with a low rev engine, oil light came on.

    Pulled straight over, couldn't find an issue. Sat for a while, got under the van, got the book out and looked at that, didn't really get an answer.
    After 20 minutes, started again, no oil light.
    It's belting hot here at the minute so the oil lights made me paranoid but it's stayed off, until I decided as a test, to do the same thing again, freewheel down a hill, oil light on again. Googled
    it and this can happen after long driving and it's ok if it goes off once you add some revs? Who knows, ha, but it happened at a round about after too.

    MPG... No idea ATM
    VW waves...0
    None VW waves... 1
    Times I've called the van a jerk...2
    Oil lost...0% (I'm starting to question this, ha)

    Journey so far, around 500 miles

    Finally sat down

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  2. Looks like you’re about 50 miles away from us , we’ve got a free spot on the river in the Ardennes [​IMG]
    Where are you heading for?
  3. Stop worrying and enjoy the ride :thumbsup:
  4. How’s the 16s fairing up dunc?
  5. Where you going to end up in France? I can heartily recommend the Hull to Zeebrugge crossing if you’re travelling from the North.
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  6. To be honest I changed the fronts to 195/75 16s cos the ATs were just catching enough to be annoying on a big trip , still rolls nicely though !
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  7. We were heading for the Ardenne, then I panicked about reliability and the miles, which I now thinking was daft. We're in peronne, slightly South West of you, heading for Reims tomorrow..... The wife decided for our anniversary we should go to the champagne region, for no reason, and she doesn't even drink.

    Where you off?
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  8. I think YOU know the answer to the oil light issue - don`t freewheel .;)

    It`s been hauling a ton an` a half up a hill so needs a rest and cooling on the way down ...

    Keep the posts coming , sounds a great adventure :thumbsup:

  9. When your freewheeling your cooling fan isn’t spinning fast enough
    More revs =more cooling

    Have a great trip
  10. Champagne always sounds good

    We’ve no actual plan , taking it day to day, thinking generally towards Luxembourg tomorrow then south to Lausanne, eventually the Med then back up through France.
    Enjoy your trip
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  11. Lovely area , buy some Champagne and get the BBQ fired up .

    Accidently ended up down there on a `no plans` 10 day adventure - very chilled .

    If you`re looking for a tasting , and you`re in the village try this place :-

    Most of all .... ENJOY !!

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  12. My logic was honestly, low revs and loads of air!
    But it won't happen again
  13. Think we've looked at that already, could be a good call, we've looked at a camp site not far from that
  14. We`ve all done it but coasting never really cools the motor ...

    Probably the same one we stayed at !!

    Enjoy :thumbsup:

  15. It’s all good lad
    We’ve all got the vibe for you
    And you have the right attitude and sense of humour
    It’ll be all good :thumbsup::cool:
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  16. Day 4
    VW waves...1
    None VW waves... 3
    Times I've called the van a jerk...1
    Oil lost... 5/8mm on the dip stick
    Set away with the Mrs driving, she's decided that the 5mph difference on the Speedo means she needs to go 5mph faster, but you can here the engine roar so I'm hoping she's going to pack it in.
    I know when our fuel gauge goes in the red we've loads left from experience and knowing how much we fill up with, but we got in the red with no sign of fuel (as I didn't want to pay motorway prices) so my anxiety went through the roof until we found fuel, of which we only took 37 litres to full so I was being an idiot.
    Filling with fuel was confusing though, so I guessed the cheapest green pump, after the event I googled 95-E10 fuel and wish I'd googled it first, I'll fill it with premium tomorrow to hopefully balance it out.
    Oil light came on at round abouts and junctions, I just see it as a challenge now!

    After we filled with fuel we did a shop, came out and the van wouldn't start (starter motor, it's done this twice before since we've had it), I assumed it was a flat battery as we had the fridge on 12v but the meters said it wasn't. A quick push down the supermarket carpark from the wife and it was off. The low revs splutter hasn't happened at all today, no doubt that will return.

    Checked the oil and we've lost a bit, went to top it up and the oil container has lost way more, all over our tools/gear, thankfully I wrapped it in a bag first so a lot of the loss was contained.

    Never thought about driving to Europe before but we're both loving this trip in the van
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  17. Keeping revs high cools the engine 2000 to 4000 rpm is best.. like when its making a lot of noise. Too low rpm will kill your engine, through running too hot.
    Engine brake rather than use the brakes .
    Keep oil topped up. Dont worry about 95-E10, in the UK it can be 95-E5 anyway.
  18. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    Type of fuel doesn’t really matter.
    12v on your fridge should only use your battery whilst running.

    Stop worrying and enjoy!
  19. What's the dog? Nice colour!
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  20. PIE


    Hope you have your sun tan lotion!!
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