Formula 1 2013 Thread - including 2014 dates.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by rickyrooo1, Mar 15, 2013.

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  1. What do we think of Marussias effort then? I quite like the look of it. I doubt anyone in the pit lane will copy the design, but i suspect a few will adopt a similar strategy of masking the phallus with black paint!!
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    it's been confirmed Ross Brawn has retired from F1.
  3. Sad news, definately a loss to the sport. I can understand wanting away from the busy F1 schedule and high blood pressure lifestyle....

    but in favour of fishing!?! :p
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  5. Am I reading this correctly, taken from BBC....

    Ecclestone admits paying Gribkowsky, but denies bribery and stepped down from the board of the company which runs Formula 1 in January after he was indicted.
    Bribery convictions can result in prison sentences ranging from three months to 10 years in Germany, but Ecclestone has received support from the man he has anointed as his successor, Red Bull team principal Christian Horner.

    Interesting or am I reading it wrong?
  6. Things are looking good if you have a German engine. Ain't that true in life!

    I think we need a prediction thread. My prediction is Hamilton to win, Alonso 2nd, Rosberg 3rd.
  7. Predictions already?!

    Heart says 1. Button 2. Hamilton 3. Alonso.... Head currently thinks 1. Hamilton 2. Vettel 3. Button, but I am unsure of that!!

    Still looking forwards to Australia!
  8. Just reading the days testing report and clocked the Ferrari is called the F14 T... Surely more than a subtle nod to the parent company?! :)
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    That's exactly how I read the latest name, even if Ferrari maintain that it was chosen by the Tifosi.
  10. Maybe the Tifosi have a sense of humour :)
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    There'll be a first time for everything I guess ;)
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    I'm locking this after discussing it with Rick, there will be a new F1 Thread put up as soon as possible.
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