Formula 1 2013 Thread - including 2014 dates.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by rickyrooo1, Mar 15, 2013.

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  1. Just watching the F1 2013 race review...

    Remember when vettel overtook webber... Multi 2 1 etc.

    What I hadn't spotted was webbers response.


    Spot the middle finger
  2. RIP John Button

    Passed away aged 70
  3. Very sad... always a ray of sunshine amongst the intensity of F1 :(
  4. RIP mr John Button.

    I will best remember him for owning the FSO and Lada garage down the road many years ago where my dad worked for a while, when Jenson was a wee baby.
  5. That's very interesting.

    I'd like to see Ross Brawn there but his style is so different to Dennis so don't think he'd fit in that well.
  6. That might be so, but Dennis doesn't want to run the team, he just wants it run better! As someone said on James Allen's blog, F1 has a way of making some of these fairy tales come true
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  7. Just watching WRC and kubcia just done a interview... He's put some weight on in his face, nice to see him again.
  8. Terrordales

    Terrordales Nightshift Admin

    Did you see Force India have snuck a picture of their 2014 car out on Twitter?

    Force India.jpg
  9. I cant remember when I started watching F1 but I wont be watching it any more. Its pointless watching it unless its live and as it isnt on any channel I currently get then afraid its bye bye. Same with motoGP.
  10. I've only got time for highlights nowadays
  11. Its still on the BBC for 9 / 10 races... unless I missed that press conference!?
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  12. Oooh now thats good news. guess i will watch some GP then! Thanks.
  13. The new Mclaren looks nice - except for the strange anteater nose. I think that they are all going to have a similar nose in 2014.
  14. I stand corrected - the Lotus has gone for a different (but equally strange) approach for the nose!
  15. What no pics?
  16. Don't hate either of these, but would like to see them both from the side / front to see how bad they really are!

    Got a feeling the Maclaren might look wrong as you track round to the side the same way that last years Mercedes seem to suddenly break the flow of the cars natural lines.

    Needless to say, I'm starting to look forward to the new season now! :)
  17. Side view of the McLaren...
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