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  1. Fellows do an adaptor plate..:thumbsup:
    I got a second hand KEP plate,flywheel and clutch ,
    from a guy who was going to fit a scooby gear box in his splitty
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  2. PSG


    mate thats a result. sheesh. that flywheel kit is literally all you need to join the two isnt it. Plus new starter motor if i recall?
  3. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    Yep, mine just uses an adaptor plate.
  4. yup its an extended flywheel, which passes it through the plate ..
  5. PSG


    fellows dont seem to have one on the website. Just emailed them. RJES dont have the bellhousing price on their site either. yawn.
  6. i just checked the RJES website they have the bellhousing cost under "prices" £470 non turbo.
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  7. l hope to be collecting mine soon when i get a chance.
  8. Flakey

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    Isn't the EJ22 supposedly the best of the lot, albeit rare?
  9. I was going to go for an ej25 as the ej22 were quite rare then found one at the right price.
    it used to be a complete legacy 2.2 for around £500 every 4-5 months on ebay!

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