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  1. hi all, got the chance of an ej25 engine with loom ecu key and transponder the guy says when removed it had done 80000 mls looking for something to go in my 70 crew cab. Not looking for mega fast just reliable, appreciate your thoughts
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    The only scooby bus I've ever known to overheat was an EJ25 conversion. They seem to run a lot hotter.
    Great fun though!
  3. Thanks for that Baysearcher was thinking about fitting a rad under load bed with a scoop from under the van
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    That's what mine has and it cools it very well. The guy with the EJ25 has the same but his always runs hot.
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    Be interesting to know if Subaru ran bigger rads in the 2.5, I'd assume they did.

    I know the Fellowes turbo 2.5 runs a charge cooler set up, I assume that's for the air charge, unsure what rads they run.
  6. I had this motor in my T25, ran like a dream, never had a single problem :)
  7. Didnt get it in the end but interesting to hear the comments on the 2.5 as was only looking for a 2ltr. So looks like it back to eBay preloved and items for sale. Would really like to buy complete car but nowhere to break.
    Thanks again
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    Look on VW Subaru Hybrid Club on Facebook. Nick Tune has a few known engines etc for sale.
  9. Will do Baysearcher thanks again for the heads up
  10. get the right car and break it and it will pay for itself ...:thumbsup:
  11. will have a look too...:p
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  12. If I am the guy referred to above with the 'overheating EJ25', then I feel that's not a fair description. It's a stonking engine and the extra power over the EJ20 is great fun. So please don't be put off by an EJ25. Get one. Yes, it's true, overheating did occur a couple of years ago in 25 degrees + outside temps when towing a caravan and driving hard. But it's all down to how the rads are worked and positioned. Fellows Speedshop (who did the original conversion for me) positioned the radiator flat and close up to the floor, as they do with all their conversions. Hence, the exit for heat coming out of the back of the rad was restricted. That may be fine if you're not towing in hot weather. But when towing hard in very hot weather, good air and water flow, and especially good heat exit, is critical. My cooling system was then redesigned by a qualified engineer (who specifically studied radiators for a couple of year as part of his engineering degree several years ago). So, he knows his stuff. Unlike Fellows Speedshop. Et voila, no more overheating when towing in hot weather. Some say 'why didn't you just take it back to Fellows and ask them to fix it?'. I did. A couple of times. And when they couldn't fix it they said to me 'the reason your bus overheats is because you have your numberplate hanging below the bumper and that's what's been restricting airflow to your radiator'. On hearing this, I decided to run to the hills and I've not been back to them since. In fact, to this day, whenever anyone challenges them over my experience, they still make me out to be some sort of 'problem' customer who unreasonably complained all the time. Lol.
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  13. Sorry i don't know how to quote from your text above.
    how/where did you re position your radiator? I have been looking into EJ20 and EJ25 engine swaps as something i would like to do when i get a van, however with engine cooling being a critical component to making the engine swap successful I would be very interested to hear of proven positioning of the radiator.

    I have seen it is common to place underneath the chassis between the rails and then the less common placement as per one of the busaru videos where there are 2 rads linked in parallel inside the engine bay.
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    Matt's is under the floor between the chassis rails unless it's been moved (which I'm sure it won't have been). It sounds like it's just mounted a bit lower now than it was when Fellows did it.
    For the record, I used Fellows and had a completely different experience than Matt, but then mine is an EJ20.
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  15. Im watching with interest and have little to contribute but does the bus height have any effect of the cooling with under slung rad?
  16. To get better hot air exit (to cope with towing in very hot weather), my rad was brought closer to the front, with the scoop redesigned and rad slanted, now lower at the back than the front (sorry no pics available). The rear cross member was then removed (strenghtened by other means); further allowing the hot air coming out the back of the rad to escape much easier, therefore aiding the cooling and curing overheating in extreme conditions. Prior to this, the rad lay completely flat, further back, with just an inch or so of exit space above it. With that old set up, the exiting heat had no where to go, apart from straight into the cross member. It's clear to see how excessive heat and overheating could easily result in extreme conditions with that old set up (the Fellows set up). Sure, theirs should work perfectly well in non-extreme conditions (I never had a problem until I bought a caravan to tow, driving off into hot weather). I appreciate that some never have problems with the Fellows set up. But I did. And I know of others who have too. But my redesigned set up is much better than Fellows'; I don't mind saying so, knowing that any properly qualified engineer will agree with that, if comparing the two set ups side by side. Ask Fellows what qualifications they have (in engineering).

    Although now heavily redesigned internally, I am still running the same size big single rad that Fellows use. Next year though we are changing to two smaller rads (probably VW sourced), just to ensure optimum running and cooling (and ease and cheapness of replacement if anything ever gets smashed under there). The Fellows custom rad costs upwards of £450. Imagine smashing one 1000s of miles away from home in another country?

    Bus height has no effect on the cooling. But the lower you go the more you will worry about wrecking your rad. Mind you there's plenty of guys out there running very low Splits with rads underneath.
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  17. What i get from this is that there is not really any drawback to running an EJ25 motor.....
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    The main one is mpg but in a bay it's probably negligible.
  19. I think a 2.5 is quad cam and bigger,
    some metalwork maybe needed
  20. early phase 1 engines were quad cam phase 2's are sohc i believe. outwardly the 2.5 is no bigger than a 2.0 just bigger CC's inside.
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