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  1. Rjes cooling kit

    Do you have both the upper and lower engine mount?
  2. I'd go 2.5. It's barely worth the effort otherwise. :)
  3. Very true, and as I tow it would be more beneficial to have the extra grunt
    If I were to maybe do an engine swap.

    Then again if o got a cheap enough 2.0 then I wouldn't mind that either
  4. The trouble with engines is that they are too small. They're OK for a few weeks, then... they need to be bigger. It's annoying. :)
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  5. Moons

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    I'd nominate gearing matched to torque curve as being as important if not more so.
  6. Yep Rjes kit, the rad is from a Range Rover. You don't need the top mount for a standard install they are for turbo conversions.

    The EJ25 would be a good swap, although you do read of some head gasket issues. But you could always get a new head gasket put in prior to the instal.
    The EJ20 is more than man enough to pull loaded bus and trailer. :thumbsup:
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  7. Personally if I did another one and I had the bunts I would go H6 with a Subarugears box.
  8. What's H6, petrol head person?
  9. It's a Subaru 3L v6 :)
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  10. Actually it's a flat 6, not a V6. H6 is the generic designation that people give to the 6 cylinder Subaru engines, which were found in the Legacy Outback and the SVX. There's an EG33 (based on the flat 4 EJ engine) and an EZ30 and EZ36, which were 3.3l, 3.0l and 3.6l respectively.
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  11. Sorry prof.
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  12. It's an affliction - if I do something, I research it exhaustively first, so when I went Scooby, I became an overnight "expert" on Subaru engines. :lol:
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  13. looks neat, :hattip:

    its surprising how well these rads work, when normally they would be flat on to the airflow ...:cool:
    does the heat go upwards, ?

    do the fans pull the air up through the rad ..

    im assuming thats the case
  14. Baysearcher

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    Yep, fans pull air through the rad. I think they kick in at about 87degrees.
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    Annoyingly true.......Im loving the EJ20, but as soon as I find a 25 for the right money I will be fitting it... But then I am more of a torque person than top end. I turned down a low mileage H6 for £500 a year ago as I wanted to keep it sensible MPG.. It is tempting though!
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  16. I would have a thought the air is ducted into the scoop as the van moves forward and the fans take the air and direct it towards the floor? How much does this set up cost roughlt?
  17. I think the RJES solution which is rad, fans and scoop/mounting panel is £530

    All done and dusted though it's quite cheap for a bolt on solution.

    Fans drag air up through the radiator rather than blowing air down, same as in a car but instead of the rad being vertical at the front its horizontal (ish) underneath
  18. Appreciate the confirmation, as often wondered. (albeit counter intuitive to my thinking lol). good luck with the conversion!
  19. PSG


    so why is it, on the busaru youtube, that he can mate an ej with a gearbox with just an adaptor plate and new flywheen and clutch, yet in the UK we have to change bellhousing, trans mount front and rear etc? Are we better off buying from KEP in america?

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