I have got myself a free scooby engine...

Discussion in 'Modified Shizzle' started by art b, Jul 20, 2015.

  1. I am sorry but I am happy farting along at 50 60 mph with my stock motor and stock carb
    I can live with it
    I don't get the point of scooby motors v8s or Mazda appleel or any other engines in Volksies:)
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  2. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    Nothing to be sorry about, plenty of people share your opinion.
    I don't, but I make no apology for it!
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  3. I usually still only do about 60 on the motorway, even with the Scooby engine. We've not all done it to drive it like we stole it. But at that speed it doesn't feel like it's at the limit of what it's able to do, so if I need to pull 70 out of the bag in order to get past some lorries a bit quicker, I can do. It also picks up speed a lot better which means I keep up with modern town traffic just that little bit easier.

    And it still makes that familiar flat 4 sound. It just sounds more meaty and burbly. :D And its fun tunnel-blasting it through the centre of Birmingham. :D
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  4. I can see the attractions of a 1600, T4 1700's, 1800's 2L, T25 2L, a subaru, bigger verions of standard AC engines from plodders to screamers. They all have there own particular characters and you get to love what you have I think. :)

  5. thats my v8 dodge 1972 muscle car ...

    [standard v8 5.3 L engine ....:D]

    ive been doing a resto on it ....




    its up for its mot soon then off for sale ...
    throw some of the money into my bus .. [engine conversion ]
  6. Drivers door and ns wing sold for £99...:)
  7. My WRX has done 211,000 with no engine issues at all. Drinks a little oil now mind, but the point I'm making is that lump has a good chance of lasting a lot longer. If I blew up the bus 1.7 I'd be sorely tempted to follow your idea. All for it myself.
    Nice Dodge by the way.
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  8. Yea. It's gonna be a big job...:eek:
    The loom looks like a challenge :thinking:

    But it will be better than sitting watching telly at night...:D

  9. Boot catch sold for £15
  10. slowly slowly...:)

    radio sold £20
    rear hub sold £30... and i kept the guys old un,
    lived local so he came round and changed it himself
  11. Great buy @art b :thumbsup:
    Cheers for the bumper as well.
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  12. Watch out theres someone behind you.
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  13. no problem ...:thumbsup:
    good to see you last week :hattip:
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  14. thats mrs b ... :p

    still waiting for her camper to be done ..:oops:
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  15. theres not a lot of scooby left,

    undoing the rear hub nuts,
    to remove the drive shafts and diff was interesting sooo tight,
    with the handbrake on

    i had to stand on the 3ft breaker bar...

  16. theres not much left ...

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  17. The scooby parts sale went particualy well
    its made around £950 so far and i have bits left,:chewie:

    so i had a look around the tinternet and found

    a used kep adapter plate , flywheel and clutch for under £300 , :)
    they were used on a 2.2 engne in a split..

    although the kep flywheel looks huge , its smaller in diameter.. and 5lbs lighter


    nicely made :cool:


    mounted the engine on my pallet test rig..

    and fitted the adapter plate


    fitted the flywheel ,, and clutch


    the fitted the bellhousing from my 5 rib gearbox , which is away being rebuilt, into a freeway flyer

  18. If anyone can do this whole thing for £0 it's you Art. :thumbsup:
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  19. im sure that would be cool
    but i doubt it...

    although... if the subaru ...
    continues to be the ''gift that keeps giving''...

    it may be close :D
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  20. In case it wasn't clear what I meant - respect!
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