Eastnor castle Ledbury Camper and bus show 20 vehicles.

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  1. So just a final check on the convoy from Northampton A4500 shell garage at 1:30pm
    @physiopro, @philntfc, @zed, @Bumblepuppy and @pkrboo..
    I think that is all and we are hopefully setting off from the Shell garage just the M1 side of the small roundabout at about 1:30.
    If anybody who was coming can no longer make it please let us know and if anybody else wants to join us please let us know :)
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  2. Beat me to it. I was going to put something similar up later:). Info all sounds good, I will see you all there:thumbsup:. Should be a good weekend, we are really looking forward to it.
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  3. sANDYbAY

    sANDYbAY On benefits-won't sponsor!

    Us too! Don't forget to save us a space.
  4. Are you joining our little convoy too? The more the merrier.
  5. what route are you taking, M6 M42 M5 M50? Let me know what sort of time or can someone send me their mobile number on PM? I'm in Gaydon tomorrow at Jaguar finish about 2ish, fancy a meet up at hopwood park services en route?

  6. sANDYbAY

    sANDYbAY On benefits-won't sponsor!

    Can't, I'm working till 5. I meant would you save us a camping space. :)
  7. Ok I see what you mean. No worries we will save some space for you. I think there's a few coming down after work.
  8. Please can you save me a camping space too? It'll be evening time before I can get there. Taa
  9. Remember there's no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing;)
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  10. i wouldn't worry, it has its own weather system over there - it either rains or it doesn't. I think we're set for storms and rain from saturday tea time. Today is nice and hot but we've had heavy rain the past couple of days and nights
  11. Now you've gone and done it, mentioned the w*****r - the lakes will flood and we'll be marooned as a Late Bay Island in a sea of campers...
  12. Bad news!
    Or possibly good ,depending on how you look at it?
    We will not be joining the convoy. :(
    We WILL be getting there early! :)
    The whole family now have the day off work so we'll be going in the morning, arriving at 1-2pm, getting set up and then chilling :)cheers::burp::beer:) and watching you lot arrive.
    I presume we'll be able to get in, Andy?
    As we have Club camping I guess space will be reserved for all of us, for those who are not good with signs, look out for the TOP BANANA flag. :)
  13. So if I am in the paying half price for a ticket group will I be able to go in club camping or will I be elsewhere?
  14. Late Bay or Lake Bay..
  15. Apparently each entrant has a designated spot in traders camping area and I have asked for all late bay to be together :)
  16. You can get in from 11 onwards! Any problems give me a call :)
  17. Sorry you are in general camping whereas we are in traders camping area :(
    Zed is also in gen camping though as are a few others so you should be able to circle the wagons :)
  18. @philntcf will tell you what route we are taking! I am just following him :)
    If you want to give us a call tomorrow PM feel free 07889172699 :)

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