Eastnor castle Ledbury Camper and bus show 20 vehicles.

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    How about making it so you lay down and ride? Less wind resistance = much more speed = Winner!
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  2. Sounds good still finishing the bus off with nitrox tanks......will see how i am fixed. ....
  3. Was this meant to be in this thread? :)
  4. Van all packed we finish work at 4 so hoping to set off about 4:30 we are all looking forward to it looking forward to meeting everyone this is our first show so should be good fun. We are coming from Tamworth so we will be heading down the M42 M5 what junction do you guys think is best off the M5? Thanks John
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  5. see ya there as we coming down from up north so hoping to be their late afternoon:thumbsup:
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  6. Sounds like it will be a good time guys. Looking forward to seeing the Cart @Beaver
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  7. Seat mount done and had a little test roll around the yard.

    Brakes are crap so if anyone is better than me at adjusting them you'll be very welcome to have a tinker.

    The bodywork hasn't exactly happened yet either but I think the kiddy trailer bits will mostly go back on if needs be.

    Custom cup holder installed.

    I need a nap and I have done absolutely nothing else to prepare for the weekend.

    Early start tomorrow to pack before work or I'll never get there

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  8. [​IMG]


    (Cider models own)
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  9. An awesome example of British engineering. Can't wait to see it in action:thumbsup:
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  10. The pink handlebars are a bit taller, might see if they'll go on and make the driving position a bit more laid back.

    Should have a pair of bmx stunt pegs coming in tomorrow so I've got somewhere to reat my tired feet.
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  11. They may be back yet
    Stunt pegs if they'll fit
  12. Looking good beaver its got champion soap box all over it. The late bay will be champions. Im sure of it anymore people up for the olympics?
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  13. I am but broke my big toe two days ago so limited on what I can do! :(
  14. Looks awesome beaver can't wait to see it and be rest assured you have your own personal medic if anything minor happens :)
    If anything serious happens you are on your own ;)
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  15. cool we need a few more come on people lol
  16. I'm up for joining in with whatever activities people want to do. Presuming I'm not dead.

    My boss says if I hurt myself too much on my "death trap" I'll be needing a new job ;)
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  17. Is that the same bloke who built it?
  18. I built it
  19. You cut your hair since the weekend! ;)
  20. Aah, that's my friend Dean who works next door. I let him be the test pilot.

    He came up with the cup holder idea and parts.
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