Eastnor castle Ledbury Camper and bus show 20 vehicles.

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  1. Hi all
    I have taken over the organising of the late bay line up at this show. I haven't been before so I don't know if it is a good show or not. Having checked the website however it looks a lovely location next to the lake at Ealsnor Castle, which is very close to Ledbury so quite central to a few of us! Live music and quite a few stalls!
    The other good news is that I have managed to procure two free tickets per van, 16 and under go free anyway and dogs are welcome! The free tickets include camping for the whole weekend. The show is 8th to 10th of AUGUST!
    We can have up to 20 vans!!! Yes 20 vans so even if the show wasn't that great it would still be a great weekend if we got a good crowd there!
    Below is the link to the website, please have a look and let me know what you think! First 19 vans secure free entrance and free camping for the whole weekend!
    Not having done this before I welcome any constructive criticism regarding the way I am organising/selling this

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  2. Thank you to the mod who removed the previous thread regarding this show :)
  3. rickyrooo1

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    constructive critisism you say? mmmmmmmmm s.e.s.r >>>>>>>>>>>>>
  4. Oh bugger! Yes please constructive only officer! :)
    S.E.S.R ????
  5. You reckon you could make it? Not to far for you is it?
  6. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    s.e.s.r = sharp exit stage right (as in me and constructive critisism aren't good bedfellows) i could make it but don't do shows where i can't please myself.
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  7. MorkC68

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    From reading the info posted, the venue looks superb, hope it is as good as it looks :)
  8. Poptop2

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    Andy we are in if that is all we have to do. If not tell me how to get the free camping bit mate. MALC
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  9. Its only 6 miles from me!!
    Great Castle (if only Victorian) and the grounds are huge, its got Land Rover's testing run in it.
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  10. ...and on reading again, can I come - do I get free camping??
    Cheers B :)
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  11. Ha ha thank you for that! Apparently we camp in a separate field with the traders and then return the van to the line up each morning! Leaving the awning in the camping field! I understand and respect your views re being able to please yourself! I just fancied this show as close to my origins (South Wales) so plenty of mates can come and meet us!! :) telling it like it is, as far as I am concerned is constructive criticism!!
  12. In answer to questions about free camping yes, first 19 that confirm they want to come get free camping for the weekend and two free tickets for people in the van, 16 and under go free anyway and dogs welcome! :)
  13. Poptop2

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  14. Yes you do! :)
  15. You are in malc! 18 more needed! Roll up roll up! Also vans don't need to be concourse! We are a good bunch warts and all! Everybody welcome!!
  16. Poptop2

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    This is a superb coup and a great venue just a few miles from the Dubfest venue at Malvern, Well done Andy. :thumbsup:
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  17. Interesting looking show. Didnt know about it!
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