Eastnor castle Ledbury Camper and bus show 20 vehicles.

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  1. :lol: Most buses haven't got that many! ;)
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  2. Love it! :)
  3. sANDYbAY

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    Steer with your feet on a pivoting front axle. Three wheeler chassis with a single back wheel using the front fork of the bike frame. Brakes could be two levers that you bolt to the sides which you can pull back to drag on the ground. Seat could be the plastic seat off of a school classroom type chair.
    I made one like this for my lads years ago and it went like a barely controlled rocket.
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  4. Note to all - There is no camping available on Sunday evening. The info for traders states they must leave between 6pm and 8pm on Sunday, and I assume we're the same.
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  5. Thanks mark, yes I believe it is the same for us! Sorry I didn't make that clear, I thought that was the norm :(
  6. @physiopro can I convert to a lurker and pay half? I've gone off the show bit idea...
  7. Any body coming up from sunny Devon that morning. ?
  8. The scavenging has been done. Now it's building time

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  9. Course you can, will tell Marcus
  10. Ta. :)
  11. Cool, shame to chop that up really BUT that's the dad of three kids talking.

    If you were allowed to do a 3 wheeler it would look like a tuk tuk!!!
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  12. It doesn't say how many wheels it has to have but I want 4 for stability.

    Now looks like this


    Some reinforcement next then figure out how to fit the front wheels
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  13. Looks awesome! :)
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  14. looking good look forward to seeing it complete and you on it going down the hill holding on for dear life. :)
  15. Thanks, It's really my favourite colour ;)

    (Must remember to grab some brown paint tomorrow)

    I think this may have been the easy bit
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  16. What this needs now is an arm chair!!
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  17. ...and a pit crew dressed in animal onezzies...
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  18. I hate to admit it, but we have such items. :oops:
    Whether Mrs TBR could be persuaded to wear hers is a different matter. :hug: As many of you know, I'll wear anything. :rolleyes::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
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  19. No worries! We've booked into the C&CC site at Hereford for Sunday night, then we're off to the Lake District on Monday. :)
    Really looking forward to the show and my week off!!!
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