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  1. Got my invite letter today. Am I going? You bet your life I am. Got my sleeve rolled up already :thumbsup:
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  2. Mine is scheduled for Thursday evening!
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  3. I was due mine on Friday the 22nd, tested positive on the 21st

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  4. Enjoy your days out..:D
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  5. My parents have had their first doses, my Dad, Pfizer, my Mum, the Astra Zeneca issues I am glad to say, all went smoothly.
  6. That’s Marmite. But I’ve never heard anyone give a reason why you can’t have the vaccine if you are already infected.
  7. I work at the hospital, so not wise to be going there when they know I'm infected and that's where i was due to have it... I've rescheduled for next week

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  8. Moons

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    You’re Vale of Glamorgan aren’t you?

    My mum is too, she thinks it’s alphabetical for the first group, are you lower than an M?
  9. If you have it done in Porthcawl they'll inject you with gravy.

    Quite fancy that.
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  10. That's really bad luck fella, hope you get to the front of the queue asap.

    So are you now isolating in an area inside your van?!!
  11. I’m really looking forward to getting mine
    It will alleviate so much worry for me.
    Even though age wise I’m at relatively low risk
    The fact I have heart failure means COVID or even flu could easily finish me off.
    Having the vaccine could mean that even though it could still make me quite ill I’d have a good chance of surviving.
    I lost my dad a number of years ago to a heart attack and lost my mum end of last year to cancer
    I’d like to be around for my kids as long as I possibly can!

    The day my letter offering me the jab arrives will be a good day.
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  12. It'll not be long, you've just got to hang in there and be sensible in what you do around others, for now.

    I'm hoping mine wont be too far off, touch wood though, Ive got my BP well under control (I do check it regularly and its been fine).
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  13. Had mine about 10 days ago now. Had the Pfizer one. Bit of a sore arm and a banging headache the following morning I couldn't shift but that could have been something else anyways!
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  14. Its amazing news everyone:)
  15. Bugger!!!!
  16. fingers crossed. its better than winning the lottery in many ways if youve an underlying condition!!
  17. Daughter had it
    a few weeks before me and she was fine too (sore arm but that was it)
  18. I've gone home now unfortunately having to be super super cautious with parents about

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  19. Had mine Saturday 23rd the Pfizer one no problems no sore arm no headaches feel good just waiting for the second one now.
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  20. Yes, VOG,I’m L
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