Constant high revs and running hot

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by Ermintrude, Apr 20, 2019.

  1. Sheath above gearbox was curved. Pull it straight and now no effort from pedal.

    This may be why?

    Pics of what the bracket should be like/angle would be good or is it just a very stretched cable?
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  2. Or how do I shorten the throttle cable to just get me to garage?
  3. Undo little nut ?
  4. The one in engine bay we all talked about , this is one for setting length of cable .
  5. Ok, how do I do it?

    It’s definite now tooooo long. [​IMG]

    I have these but pretty sure neither is a throttle cable.
  6. You prob don’t need a new one at mo , just put some mole grips on cable to stop it going back into tube then loosen nut off until you can pull it through then , set as per manual it’s easier to look at their pics n read it . Sorry but I havnt got any to hand and going out soon . The boys a be coming don’t worry it’s simple enuff n your be prowl of your self. Anyway if you say it’s free does it rev up then drop back now ? Looks like cable could be rubbing on that bracket a tad too ?
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  7. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    There’s a little clamp on the engine end of the cable. Looosen it off and pull a bit through. Nip up clamp and try again.
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  8. So...repositioned sheath above gear box again. No more loose cable. Adjusted the cable and now seems to be better. Still a bit high but not the squeal I had.
    I now know more about the throttle stuff. But probably not quite enough
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  9. Don't fit a new cable yet if it's over Reving it's not a streched cable that would do the opposite. Like overs have typed undo the little bolt it's 6 or 8mm head size don't take it out just undo it till you can pull the cable without it moving the carb linkage.
    Are there two people if so one of you hold the cable then the other gently press the loud peddle and I mean gentle like a new born baby. Push and pull the cable slowly feel for snags. One thing at a time
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  10. Just move to East Grinstead :thumbsup:
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  11. Seems sorted for now, at least enough to get to me ha I’m tomorrow. Need a cuppa and clean up - Sunday best clothes ruined - will then do a little vid.
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  12. Move to the north! Or at least drag your carcass to techenders :)
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  13. This is what happens when we let them out of the Kitchen.......

    I’m off to work, you ain’t seen me:thumbsup:
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  14. Wot Barney said.
  15. Could be. Have you tried it?
  16. Yes!

    But not going to drive it until I can get it to peter the fabulous!
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  17. I always thought Trevor's idle was always a little low, but that might have been with the holey exhaust. Glad it seems better.
    Fancy fixing my bike?

  18. She’s got a holy exhaust?
  19. Now for cleaning. I took a vid of his engine but no idea how to post it :/

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