Constant high revs and running hot

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by Ermintrude, Apr 20, 2019.

  1. PS I would agree with @nicktuft, could be the photo, but the cable and linkage should be in a straight line. The cable shouldn't be able to rub on tube thru the fan housing.
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  2. Two I think?
  3. Will have to try this tomorrow as there are too many drunken folk annoyingly annoying me and after the day I’ve had I may end up wrapping a 4tress steering lock round their heads!

    A couple more pics I took just now

  4. Not mine but that's how your linkage should be hope this helps

    Please be careful if your sticking your fingers near the fan belt with the engine running. Stumps is not a cool nickname
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  5. Looks better more central in the hole .
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  6. ha! thank you - no mean feat making me laugh tonight! :D

    mine doesn't feel as resistant as that one looks :/
  7. ok, poss stupid question but do you mean the screw at the top?
  8. Dubs

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    Have you got far to drive to your mechanic? If its not revving itself to bits you should be alright to go a short distance with care. Have a look in daylight first though, it may be a simple fix.

    If you undo that little 8mm bolt that clamps the cable to the linkage, and let the cable slide back a few mm, it should fix it if its the cable holding it back. If that makes no differance, its probably a linkage problem.
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  9. why don't any of you live in Yorkshire? :(
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  10. No look down from the cable where it's bolted to the crankcase.
    Stress over it Tommorow:thumbsup: stuff looks better in the daylight
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  11. the linkage - the silver metal bars running to the carbs?
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  12. Im to tight to live oop north
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  13. Lack of suitable headwear :(

    Surely @Jack Tatty 's just down the road? It's only half ten - go and bang on his door :thumbsup:
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  14. ha! he keeps moving so i can't find 'im!
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    The sticky uppy bit in the middle that those rods attach to.
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  16. If he answers the door in his pyjamas, ignore any...fallout...
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  17. i will, thank you.

    thank you all for all your help - i'm still covered in cavity wax, a living room full of workshop bits, angle grinders and stuff. there's no beer in the house and the shops are closed tomorrow. :(

    but there is gin and a long shower awaits :)
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  18. aha - now i will need to go back and re-read the posts that mention it and see.
    every day is a school day!
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  19. soooo - just to help me sleep tonight - if i don't manage to sort it myself, will i be ok driving it to the mechanic without doing any damage?
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    The linkage is the sticky uppy bit, and the rods. I was referring to the cable clamp bit on the sticky uppy bit.


    If you undo that bolt, let the cable slide out a bit, then tighten the bolt up, see what happens. :thumbsup:
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