Constant high revs and running hot

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by Ermintrude, Apr 20, 2019.

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    What does it run at? Mine ticks over at pretty high revs but always has. I guess yours is different than before. I’ve got no temp gauge so not sure if mines scorchio than sensible!

    Ps I’m well impressed with your technical knowledge and casual Chuck in of ‘malpassi’! I’m going to look up what it is :)
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  2. That's the bit that's connected to the peddle :thumbsup:
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  3. Even if the hose is potentially too narrow?
  4. That’s a pic of the throttle cable as it comes out of the tinware.
  5. So when you start it up is it revving straight away ? If so it sticking open .
  6. As said he may have bashed it ot bent Sumat ? Slightly , your cable looks like it rubbing ?
  7. Yes there’s some resistance when pushing and twisting

  8. Not sure that a narrow hose could be relevant..has the distributor been accidentally realigned..
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  9. Yes! Starts first tine (unusual) but high
  10. The fuel line size will have nowt to do with the night revs my money's on the linkage being stuck. Can you video it when you have it running remember they go to 4000 revs when your driving along but it's scary loud when your standing behind it.
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  11. Is it springing back or do you have to twist it back?
  12. So it’s stuck open . Need to find out why by doing what nell said . Does anything look bent or out of line on the carb linkages ?
  13. if it was too narrow all that would happen is you would have no fuel and it would cut out
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  14. [​IMG]

    Pic taken just now - magnetic base torches are ace!

    Cable is going to the side a bit but not sure it’s rubbing as such
  15. Have you got a temp gauge ? How hot has it been getting ? Burnee fingers on dipstick hot ?
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  16. I can tomorrow. It’s a very quiet street in a very quiet and dark village.

    Pleased the hose is ok. But worried somethings been hit/ damaged while derusting the underbody then?
  17. looks like it’s not at the right angle can you see your cable looks kinked over ?
  18. Springing.
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  19. No idea. Only recently worked out there were different hose sizes. I’m rubbish and don’t go in the noisy cupboard:(
  20. Good call. I can’t come to look tomorrow unforch, but a vid will help. How far is it to Peters do you reckon? 3 or 4 miles?

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