Constant high revs and running hot

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by Ermintrude, Apr 20, 2019.

  1. To the right?
  2. Undo that little bolt into cable billet , it should swivel round .
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  3. Right can you see the hole where the cable is going take a rough measurement a guess will do go and press the peddle down once then see if you roughly the same amount of cable showing.
    If its the same ish give the cable a 20sec wiggle but don't start the van tonight if you do every time you move the cable your putting fuel into the engine. It won't do it any harm but will make it hard to start tonight.

    Don't stress it's an easy fix if it's a sticky cable
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  4. Not sure. Will probably go the lister park way as it’s a bit flatter. Seems more that that but could just be the hills!

  5. Sorry but not happy with that linkage..doubt you'll damage the engine get it to techenders asap...
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  6. Yeh
  7. Not sure if it's the photo but it's look like it's at a jaunty angle
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  8. Does kind of look like your little nut bit on the linkage has twisted and is causing more resistance than it should be rubbing like wot Barney says.
    Probably not helping!

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  9. Start it up and get it fully warmed up, take out the dipstick and put it behind your ear like a carpenter would do with his or hers pencil, if you shout “ ah for f sake that’s f ing hot, your overheating”
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  10. Daft question but has one of the bolts that hold the linkage tube down fell out?
    wait for daylight :thumbsup: and take some photos
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  11. Yep or it’s bending coz won’t go back ?
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  12. I’m not helping am i
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  13. Old picture? Or one you took this evening?
    I only ask because in the enlargement that @nell circled, the throttle cable looks nice and straight ?
  14. Must be an old one as there are no leads on the dizzy
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  15. Dubs

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    That linkage does look a bit wonky, so worth checking it hasnt been bent by the fuel line fitter. Also, did you scrape and paint above the gearbox? Its possible that you may have dislodged the flexi tube that guides the throttle cable into the tinware. If it has been pulled off the metal tube either end, it will hold the throttle open a bit. Worth poking your torch up there and looking if you can still get under him without a ramp.
  16. old pic
  17. i did! i wouldn't know what i was looking for - but if it's safe to drive on monday will get it to a chap who does?
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  18. it's a fair old drive to tcehenders for me nowadays - that's why i'm trying to get it to mechanic asap to check everything before i set off
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  19. If linkage is springing back all ok, the cable could be sticking or could be set wrong so it holds the linking open. There's a screw that clamps the cable, like on a bicycle cable brake, if the cable is too far through the clamp the throttle won't return to off properly. If you are brave enough to undo the screw and the revs drop, then that's it. Then get a pair of pliers and pull on the cable until it the pedal just starts to move down like if you were pressing it, then tighten screw. Just like doing the brakes on a bike.
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  20. how many should there be?

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