Clunking front end

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  1. Obvious question: does it clunk with both shocks removed?
  2. NO ! I tried this earlier on in thread ,it seemed obvious it was the shocks especially as the top eyelets were too large , now that’s been addressed it’s still an issue .

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  3. Most odd o_O
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  4. If swapping the shocks didn't swap the noise, it's almost certainly not the shocks. Odd!
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  5. It’s funny but from day one I never thought it was the shocks , and still don’t but being relatively in experienced I’ve no other opinion as to what it maybe , having checked out the entire front end prior to my original post , my thoughts were the front beam ! But I don’t no why , everything else just looks ok

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  6. So it doesn't make the noise with the shock removed, so it must be the bottom torsion arm on that side. As the bottom part of the shock attached to it.

    Have you greased the beam?
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  7. Beam was greased approx 3 months ago, prior to it’s maiden voyage to Tatton , shall I do it again just to be sure ? It was the local garage that did it .

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  8. Yes grease again to be safe but also Check that bottom grub screw like I said before
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  9. Ok will do .

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  10. The wheels should be off the ground when you grease the beam.

    What happened when you swapped the shocks to opposite sides?
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  11. No difference !

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  12. But it doesent make the knocking noise with no shocks fitted?
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  13. So to recap, I think it’s like this - with the shocks off altogether it doesn’t clunk, only one side clunks and if you swap the shocks the noise doesn’t swap over.

    So what happens when you fit the shock to that side (thinking as I type!) It loads the top shock mount and the bottom shock mounts - I assume with the shock off you have given these a good 'examination' with something heavy to check they are not loose. I did have the bottom mount come off on a beetle once, but that only made one rather sudden clunk!

    I cant think of anything else the shock would do that would change the rest of the suspension setup though, it just provides damping....
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  15. If no knocking with no shocks ,but it does with them must be the shocks surely ....swop them for a borrowed standard length pair I said before CE have a good write up on selecting the correct length shock ....
  16. It only knocks on one side, with shock in it is adding load to the bottom mount so there is probably a problem with the bottom torsion arm.
  17. you only need a mm difference side to side for a shock to knock one side and not the other ! I do get what your saying but the shock doesn`t add load like a coilover does .....
    if you look at the 3rd pic on the 1st page of this thread the shock looks wrong where the top meets the lower bit .. it looks like the top section of the shock is bashing the lower section ????
  18. [​IMG]

    the top part of the shock is usually plastic or a bigger clearance
  19. [​IMG]
  20. I know I said I’d butt out, but since you still have the issue, Just humour me What’s the eye to eye measurement at rest and again at full travel? ie. jacked up by the chassis with the wheels off the ground? I’m still suspicious of it topping out from watching the video before.

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