Clunking front end

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by GONA66, Oct 15, 2017.

  1. Yes there “SHOCKING”

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  2. It`s a no-brainer , sort out the bushes and .......... relaxxxxxx ;)

    Forget about the new shock option unless you need to ...

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  3. I’m relaxing now with a few ciders, and considering all my options ( like shall I get another magners )

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  4. Those are the worst porn videos I've ever seen. You couldn't see anything.
    Well done with your perseverence!
  5. Ok guys I’ve obtained some machined inserts for the front shock absorbers see pic’s. All fitted up , wheels on ,back on the ground AND it’s still clunking at the front !! Help ......................................................... IMG_7489.JPG IMG_7490.JPG . Many thanks to @ borninabug for the inserts

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  6. What is the fit of the bolt in the insert like? Are you using new bolts?
  7. Like a glove ! The clunking noise has not improved one iota John ! Defo something else mate .

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  8. Is the shock still reaching its maximum extension? I'm pretty sure the clunking is the noise of the piston inside the shock hitting the end of the cylinder, hard. In which case you need longer shocks or the suspension lowered a bit more.
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  9. Try and get a pair of Konis. The ones I fitted are still fine after twenty years.
  10. I’ve measured the shocks, fully extended and closed at the point of clunking sound ,and there fine . Plus it only happens on the near side .

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    Have you measured between the top and bottom fixing points, and then the shocks at full extent off the bus? The shocks need to be longer than the measurements on the bus to allow for drop when the wheel goes into a dip in the road.
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    Oops, hadn't seen your post above..
  13. I fully understand that good point being made , but it clunks just sat in garage being rocked side to side , and as stated only on one side

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  14. Perhaps the shock is broken, then? If you swap left and right does the clunk follow?
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  16. I’ll try that as we speak !

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  18. Shock off again and get it to make the noise without the shock. Or swap them over like you are already trying
  19. Swapped over no difference , still clunks on one side. I think the only way to rule out the shock absorber’s is to replace them, although at some point I’ll check the ones on the flagbus and poss put them on if they are similar size

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