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Discussion in 'Show Us Your Ride' started by Skyelectrix, Mar 13, 2015.

  1. Need to get out and start camping :)

    Won’t need the eber this time of year, just get the brakes sorted and go sleep in it :D
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  2. Lazy Andy

    Lazy Andy Supporter

    Chancer ;)

    ...and the T5.1 is only shiney for a day or so
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  3. davidoft

    davidoft Sponsor

    I left a business card on your window
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  4. Skyelectrix

    Skyelectrix Supporter

    Will do @rob.e ! Just got the brakes and horn to sort and should be just in time for the school hols!
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  5. Skyelectrix

    Skyelectrix Supporter

    Ok so I’ve had the rear brakes apart and it seems I have a few problems! I’ve also spotted quite a significant fluid leak from the master cylinder too! So hoping to have a go at it this weekend and get it sorted. The kids holidays are looming!
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  6. Skyelectrix

    Skyelectrix Supporter

    Ok so pushing on and I've stripped the rear drums. Now I've totally rebuilt these using brand new parts from the usual vw specialists (vwheritage) within the last couple of years and done a total of say 8 miles! Both rear (meyle) cylinders are leaking, the handbrake linkages out of shape and the return springs were the wrong shape and size....thanks guys for the Marmite parts!!

    So onto the master cylinder and reservoir now....guess what? That was new 8 miles ago too! Let's see how that has stood up to such a hard life....
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  7. Skyelectrix

    Skyelectrix Supporter

    So here’s the brake pictures. See the difference between size and shape of springs etc.
    So now I have functioning brakes.
  8. Skyelectrix

    Skyelectrix Supporter

    Ok so I’ve replaced the following
    Brake master cylinder
    Rear wheel cylinders
    Brake shoes
    Fitting kit
    Distance bars
    Handbrake linkage arms
    Rear brake drums.
    I bought it all from C&C and it all seems a lot better than what I bought from Heritage but time will tell I suppose! Hopefully it will all last longer than the 8 miles that the heritage stuff did!!

    I also stripped and cleaned the brake compensating valve. With the amazing help from you guys (and girls!) on LB fitted new seals and have hopefully cured the leak
    6DD2E463-EE0C-4D93-A31E-0E79E0515464.jpeg ACEAFEA7-9304-4283-ACB0-DEFDD63E52D1.jpeg BD8A8156-CF34-4540-8BB6-23F3D040D316.jpeg E818A96A-6F39-4AFD-88F6-20F99389FD7D.jpeg
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  9. Skyelectrix

    Skyelectrix Supporter

    730C4204-6A52-4CA3-A7C2-E6963920964C.jpeg Forgot to take a pic of the pedal pan fitted so here goes..
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  10. Skyelectrix

    Skyelectrix Supporter

    The orange flicking on the inside of the pop top had seen better days and to be fair looked flipping awful! It also didn’t match the pop top canvas. After lining my T6 with Veltrim, I thought it could be ideal for the pop top. I chose VT9004 (wheat) veltrim as the closest match to our canvas. It came from Kiravans.

    Pretty straight forward but cos I decided to do it on one of the hottest days the mix of confined space and spray glue ended up with me a bit floaty!!!
  11. Skyelectrix

    Skyelectrix Supporter

    Horrid dirty headliner



    Looks a bit better and hopefully a bit of extra sound proofing and insulation!

    Ps the eagle eyed might spot a photo of me on a garelli pedal and pop back in the 70’s!
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  12. Skyelectrix

    Skyelectrix Supporter

    Oh and checked the mixture. I think I’m pretty happy with that

    Hooked up the westy trailer and I’m gonna have to smarten that up too!

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  13. Skyelectrix

    Skyelectrix Supporter

    C3ED7792-8160-4B1E-81A8-79FD978D4AF4.jpeg Just need to sort out the gas connection, the water tap and give the inside and out a polish.
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  14. She's a beauty
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  15. Skyelectrix

    Skyelectrix Supporter

    And then get these finished!
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  16. Skyelectrix

    Skyelectrix Supporter

    Thank you it’s been a journey!!
  17. MorkC68

    MorkC68 Administrator

    Those little Westy trailers are ace, yours is identical to ours.

    Very handy for awnings etc!
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  18. Skyelectrix

    Skyelectrix Supporter

    Yeah was thinking of awning & bbq etc but need to fit 4 bikes too so rather than a 2 bike tailgate rack I’ve been toying with the idea of a removable roof rack/cycle carrier. To make it work tho I’ll either have to source a Westy lid or make one.. problem is these trailers have become ‘rare’ (expensive!)
  19. Skyelectrix

    Skyelectrix Supporter

    Haha the haunt of the crappy parts has struck again! This time it’s the comet water tap. I couldn’t find the correct westy tap and what I did have was scrap. I looked around to see what would fit under the kitchen hinged lid and the comet offered the right fit albeit in a horrid plastic chrome look. It’s like something out of your grandma’s house! Anyway after fitting 2 I guess the micro switch is only designed to be used once...
    So the solution is to use a 47 year old westy switch, say no more....
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  20. Skyelectrix

    Skyelectrix Supporter

    So we finally got to spend a night in our camper! We bravely ventured over 20 miles down to Trefalen farm which is right next to Broad haven beach. I know the owners so they sorted us with a special pitch!
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