Chilli, The funky green chillin' machine!

Discussion in 'Show Us Your Ride' started by Skyelectrix, Mar 13, 2015.

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    Did the tap / sink reach you okay Jay?
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  2. Yes it came yesterday just as we were heading out on our maiden voyage! I haven’t unwrapped it yet but I’m sure it will be fine. Many thanks for sorting it for me.
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  3. 2E84F9D5-2068-4601-BFAF-F8A48E5D21C5.jpeg

    We’ve managed another camping trip, albeit in one of our fields!
  4. 9BC43078-4691-46A7-8A58-CB8AE4162796.jpeg
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  5. A3265B8C-D16F-42F2-AC74-AF48FB6048DA.jpeg

    Also pretty much finished the cabrio. Fitted a recon carb from rage on the splitty along with a 123 dizzy. Thought I’d be nice to line them up on the yard. So what’s next? Not sure to start on my B289 bug that I’ve had since 88 or the 58 deluxe bug? My Landy also needs a bit of welding...
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  6. JamesLey

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    I'm in no way jealous of that lineup!
    p.s. you've left the price on your shoes. :D
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    Happy days!

    talk about spoiled for choice on what to do next :D
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  8. 56FEA564-03CD-4D6B-95F2-CBCD0D37954E.jpeg

    Here’s my old looker with a nos wizard kit loosely dropped on top
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  9. Thanks, it’s taken years to get to this collection all my hard earned over the last 25yrs! I wish I’d kept more of them but I’ve traded up to what I have now. The ones I miss most are the trekker and the 911. I’ve been on the hunt for a karmann ghia for years but the prices always seem to be just ahead of my savings!!!
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    Thanks for a great story and fabulous restoration. I've read it with interest as I've got a LHD 78 Westy Berlin in need of some TLC. The only downside of your thread is that is has set the bar so high, you've made my job so much harder...damn you sir;):p:cool:
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  11. Many thanks for the praise. To be fair I was lucky to start off with a project that only needed very minor Welding & bodywork and then a repaint which I farmed out to the local coach works. It was then just a case of putting it all back together again, the only problem was that it’s hard to put old scruffy parts back onto a shiny shell. I suppose I got a little carried away!

    There are other builds on here that are simply mind blowing with the amount of fabrication and welding skills applied. I found so much help on here so much so that ‘The Latebay’ really did help with pretty much all of the restoration of Chilli. It’s been fun, sometimes frustrating but really rewarding. I simply couldn’t have done it without all the help from all on here! I’ve been amazed at how friendly this forum is, cheers guys!

    Looking forward to seeing progress of yours, have you started a build thread yet?
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    @Skyelectrix, as this is my fist campervan, I looked out for a solid example and hopefully have landed on my feet with Sammy. So although I've put a lot of work into getting the engine running well (mostly carb work) and lots of bits and bobs, the chassis is sound (crossed finges) and would, I think not be a great restoration thread.

    My next big choice is the interior, do we go back to laminate or as the majority is missing, stay with the wood stained and varnished look that ain't too bad and do I go back to brown plaid or have some fun! :p

    Let's hope we all get out and meet soon, we can enjoy our labours!
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  13. Get a thread started in ‘show us your ride‘ everyone loves to see a new bus! With the interior it’s up to you to choose whether you want original or modern etc. If it’s a Berlin it should have the brown laminate and if it’s in need of restoration it can take some time!
  14. Chrisd

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    Well if you insist..I'll beam out if yours and materialise my own little world :)
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  15. 9754BFD0-3215-47B2-AB1A-604D39207DED.jpeg
    setting up for a bbq and a night in the camper By the house! Wish we could go further afield, we are all missing the beach. It’s less than 5 miles away!
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  16. Hey @theBusmonkey following your advice, I spoke to Mark at MC Alternators and I sent him the new Bosch alternator along with an old original Bosch too. I just wanted to say thanks for the recommendation as Mark really does do a good job and has repaired both alternators. I now have a spare and all for a reasonable price for the work done. He’ll now be my go to guy for all things starter and alternator related!
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  17. 0DC917F9-6A0B-4480-848F-FC54E33E952A.jpeg Fish & Chip supper by the sea at Amroth. Need to get that eberspacher up and running! I’m blown away with how smooth the FI engine is. It really is a different experience to driving the splitty!
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  18. Also managed a beer at the local pub. Wisemans bridge inn. 5E5FC3FA-9D94-49C4-932C-4B99BF005F07.jpeg
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  19. Lining them up outside the barn for a little photoshoot! 55A2D747-31FB-4D32-9D1B-06C2548EF7F5.jpeg
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  20. And at long last I’ve found a mexibug for the wife. He’s been named Keith and will need some TLC… CE965865-5CEE-45EE-8364-A5360753DA9F.jpeg
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