Chilli, The funky green chillin' machine!

Discussion in 'Show Us Your Ride' started by Skyelectrix, Mar 13, 2015.

  1. Skyelectrix

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    She runs!!

    I have a video but can’t seem to upload. It runs lovely, is pretty noisy but is quick to start and the temperature control has it switching on and off perfect. Anyhow, now to fit it in and hopefully it’ll still work. Proper chuffed!!
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  2. Skyelectrix

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    I’ve had them a while but I’m sure they came from JK
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  3. I had another look at the documentation for the 123 and concluded that #9 is probably the right map for a type 4. Switched mine over last night. I’d love to be able to give a definitive on if it’s different/ better but as I have few other things going on with my engine right now - it’s not scientific, but 9 works great and is in line with the blurb.
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  4. I don’t think a rivnut is a wise idea for the seat belt bracket
    I can’t see it holding in a collision.
  5. Skyelectrix

    Skyelectrix Supporter

    I thought that but have followed what others have done. To be fair the brackets from @davidoft are proper heavy duty and once bolted in is as strong as it could possibly be. It’s also a massive improvement on the standard lap belts.
  6. Skyelectrix

    Skyelectrix Supporter

    Thanks Rob I’ll prob swap mine over once I get it on the road (1 day!). What’s happening with your engine? Hope it’s not serious.
  7. Skyelectrix

    Skyelectrix Supporter

    So a bit more progress in between busy periods of work. I’ve pushed on with the eberspacher install now that I know it’s a runner. I bought a nos booster fan from @davidoft a while back but I’d already had the shroud from the old one powder coated so decided to fit that and save the new one as a spare. I also plan to detail the underside at a later date to match what I’ve already done at the front and rear which will mean taking it all apart again! My focus now though is to get the bus usable.
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  8. Skyelectrix

    Skyelectrix Supporter

    Fuel pump fitted to chassis with powder coated bracket.

    Wiring loom cable tied into place


    I had to dismantle the multi-pin plug so I could get it through the hole in the front panel. It’s pretty easy with a very fine pick. C5CB8528-78D9-4102-856F-D270F8C226CE.jpeg
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  9. Skyelectrix

    Skyelectrix Supporter

    7BA95CE4-BEAF-4238-A2AB-7D0665B492E0.jpeg Finally I thought it was time to fit the engine foam seal.
    It was a bit of a bugger of a job to be fair and I forgot to take a picture of the outcome!
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  10. Skyelectrix

    Skyelectrix Supporter

    On with the eberspacher and I’ve fitted the safety switch and relay under the dash.


    So at last I can refit the kick panel after a bit of silent coat sound proofing

    Oh and here’s a picture of the switch fitted. Not really interesting as it’s just a switch!!
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  11. Skyelectrix

    Skyelectrix Supporter

    6C55FFF8-27CA-48D9-A191-FF88E5ED3E43.jpeg 0180D78B-34D1-4B99-A4FA-D670142396DB.jpeg I managed to source a nos exhaust for the eberspacher a while ago. Unfortunately it was only the last section and try as I might I could not find the middle section. The solution I think so far has been a few stainless steel sections from eBay. I’m not quite finished but it getting close..


    I’ll probably wrap the exhaust to try and protect the hard to find rubber boot between the booster fan and the flapper box. I guess the steel part of the exhaust will also need some paint to try and preserve it.
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  12. Skyelectrix

    Skyelectrix Supporter

    so I’m still ticking thing off my list and the front pan under the pedals is fitted. I thought it’d be a good idea to use rivnuts and bolts to hold the panel on.
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  13. Skyelectrix

    Skyelectrix Supporter

    Moving inside now and the hob has been cleaned up and the pot stand has a broken locating leg repaired with a tent peg! Finally a piece of ally sheet is fitted to the kitchen lid with stainless screws. Just need to find the correct size fitting for the gas pipe so I can connect the gas.
  14. Skyelectrix

    Skyelectrix Supporter

    I’ve been for a drive!!! And I’m in love again!!!

    So put a gallon in the tank, got him out of the garage and just drove!!

    Made it down to Wisemans’s bridge and then the trouble started....
    It seems that the rear near side brake is binding so I limped home. BUT THE MAIN NEWS IS THAT CHILLI IS ON THE ROAD!!

    Can you tell I’m excited??!! To be fair Chilli drove lovely, the steering is a little heavier and the brakes not as powerful as I remember but it’s been 20 years since I last owned and drove a bay. The engine ran sweet and the ride is lovely and tight plus the gears engaged ok. So just to get these last jobs done and we can hit the road! Oh and sort out the horn... that sounds every time you turn left!!!
  15. Happy days
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  16. Skyelectrix

    Skyelectrix Supporter

    Thanks I’m walking on air and so excited after spending 5 years working on it! I’m sure a breakdown will soon knock me off cloud 9!!
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  17. There’s always a few things to iron out after a resto but im sure you will soon get them sorted
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  18. Lazy Andy

    Lazy Andy Supporter

    Awesome... mines not turned a wheel in 10 months and the MOT ran out today, so I guess mines officially off the road now!

    Enjoy the good times! :)
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  19. davidoft

    davidoft Sponsor

    mot exempt ? :), ill give yer 500 notes for it and ill even remove it from your drive free of chargr, no need for a bay with a shiny t5 :eek:
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  20. MorkC68

    MorkC68 Administrator

    Happy days, good to hear of your first drive. Well done :D
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