Chilli, The funky green chillin' machine!

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    Oh thanks very much for the kind words. We will get there soon! Unfortunately work has gone hectic again and I’m booked solid for a few weeks now...
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    I think I’d rather not know!!!!
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  3. Oh don't will be cheaper than a divorce....

    ...... Oh hang on!
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    So here is the difference between a gennie Bosch alternator and a cheap copy...
    The Bosch one is on the left. Check out out the length of the studs for the wiring to connect to! They are way too long and it would be impossible to get the metal rear cover fitted. I had to cut the stud down, obviously voiding any guarantee!!!

    The other stud just spun and spun which made attaching the wiring a little tricky!
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    Also a slight difference in the case where it mounts to the fan housing bracket
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    Zero mile perished dipstick bellows and new viton one from mr weeding I think.
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    One piece rear glass and German seal from C&C fitted up. This was super tight and took the missus and me a few attempts to get fitted nicely along with plenty of swearing too! Fitting the tortoise sticker cheered us up tho!!
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    One of the things that attracted me to this bus when I went to buy it was the tidy panel gaps. After the paint job I couldn’t get them any where near where they were. I’m hopeless at that sort of thing so My mate Paul from the Coachworks called round to set the panel gaps up for me. There is some play in the sliding door hinge that new bushes should sort and the new door seals still need some bedding in so I expect this will be revisited later on, but I’m happy with how it looks. Thanks Paul!

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    Bumper bolt buttons!
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    1443CE27-247B-4C49-9795-1A21D77B20F6.jpeg The spare wheel was a bit wobbly on the bracket so after a quick look it seemed to be the trouble was the wheel needed to be closer fitted to the front panel. A slight adjustment of the wheel bolts and a drilled wheel spacer has sorted it and it’s now nice and snug.
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    Safety next. So along with the gas fire extinguisher in the engine room I thought a small 1kg powder unit in the place of the original should be ok along with a fire blanket that can be hooked up wherever we fancy if cooking in or outside the van on the party grill.

    First aid kit.


    Seatbelts next. A bit of a pain with the westfalia Berlin when it comes to seatbelts in the rear for the kids. It seems it’s only possible to fit one 3 point belt and one lap belt in the rear. So we decided to go with that and wifey will travel in the back and the kids will take turns in the front. I used securon belts from JK and one of @davidoft fancy rare endangered brackets! I had to fit a rivnut so the bracket would bolt in as the westy’s dont Seem to have the captive nut fitted.
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    Couple of small jobs to tick off the list..

    White plastic bungs in the luggage rack to cover up some holes from a rook rack maybe?

    Then the mosquito mesh panels with new clips from NLAVW.


    Sliding door sticker..


    I’ve just noticed the sticker is wrong. Is it for an earlier lock?
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    Where’d you get these ones? I got some that didn’t even last a week before cracking off.

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    253F40BD-188B-450A-B3F1-C3B6E9B1BE21.jpeg So the poptop to headliner trim that is impossible to find was a bit of a headache. It turns out that the repro rubber seal that fits between the pop top and the luggage rack is a half decent solution. Two fold in fact. It’s not as good as the original one so I didn’t swap it for the one already fitted to the roof thus it was spare. Some industrial superglue and loads of clamps kinda makes a tidy job.
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    Interior is starting to look ok

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    We missed the half term holidays with the kids as Chilli just wasn’t finished enough for me to be happy to go on a longish journey. I still want to check the fuel air mixture as I’d hate to run the engine lean. And the pop top still needs some work. So a bit more to do and a bit more time! Hey ho!

    I really wanted some auxiliary heating in the van but I’m not too keen on the propex gas heaters. I’d sourced a couple of eberspacer BA6’s over the past few years and had started to refurb them so thought it’d be a good idea to finally get one tested and fitted. How hard can it be??!!

    Getting hold of a BA6 isn’t that difficult but finding all the missing bits required to fit one to a van not fitted from the factory can be a challenge (and expensive!)

    Here is the restored heated along with some of the other parts ready for a test run

    As our van didn’t have a BA6 fitted from new the air distributor under the floor didn’t have the provision for the temperature sensor. I dissected and old distributor from @grandmst and screwed that to mine after drilling a suitable sized hole.


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    0A7D72CC-913E-4516-8AA6-8FFA55B08CE5.jpeg Brackets to hang the heater were fitted to the top hat sections with stainless bolts
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    New rubber bobbins

    And then it’s test fitted

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    The ends of the original air duct are a little damaged so it’s repaired with new inner duct and self amalgamating tape.
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    I thought it’d be a good idea to rig this up outside to test! So I set it up on some trestles and then added all the other bits along with a syringe full of petrol and and an old battery. Fingers crossed!!!
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