FOR SALE Best Camper in the UK, 17000 miles £34,995

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by davidoft, Jan 4, 2017.

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    It's very very nice
  2. Fair point but i haven`t bought a car since 2005 ;)

    I like to get value for money :D

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  3. That van looks just like my time warp. So woop woop! £35k coming my way too?
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  4. Just showed it to Mrs C. She loved it! Off out to buy a lottery ticket :)
    If I could I would and as I do now with mine it would get muddy and sandy
    And probably quite, quite grubby. Superb example - closing eyes to dream now....
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  7. Really ??

    Not even a sniff ??

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    Not even a sniffle
  9. I saw a 16 plate Danbury T2 camper yesterday, so people will pay £35,000 for a bus.
    Made me laugh, they had personal plates, VW16 BUS with the moto 'Gloria, living the dream'
    Aren't we all?
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  10. I'm sure there is a Danbury on eBay at the mo advertised for almost £47k ?!?
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  11. Think you can buy Hermann Goering's beetle on eBay currently!
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  12. Such a shame, as a van like that will need the devotion we all give to our buses.
    Not so sure as the price could be off-putting to a genuine hands on enthusiast (nutter) like me.
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  13. It is a shame but not unexpected. If it were me, I would sell it through a high end vehicle auction with a reserve. If it still doesn't sell, the seller would at least get a good idea of its real value.
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  14. This is really a bargain! To restore a rusty bus to this standard would cost more! and it can be used now. Someone will buy it when the weather warms up I'm sure. Just needs using and looking after and as such wouldn't lose as much as a t5

    Good luck with the sale hope it goes to a good home. Nice to see someone has looked after it so well upto now, they are still out there....
  15. ^^^ WHS.
    Especially the bit about restoring a rusty bus, 'Dan's Bus' restoration cost that and it had very little rust to start out with.
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  18. Nice one mate! Surprised it hung around for so long.

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  19. Who bought it, someone on here?
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    nobody on here

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