FOR SALE Best Camper in the UK, 17000 miles £34,995

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by davidoft, Jan 4, 2017.

  1. I guess it depends how you define affordability I suppose - and I'd imagine the offers are more than clawed back through the PCP costs?
  2. nope not at all - price of the car is the same whether financed or cash, but on finance (0% so no charges) you get an extra £1000 - £2500 thrown in....
  3. Yours isent a new one it's air-cooled :thumbsup:
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  4. So a PCP is interest free, no charges whatsoever, not even on the depreciation element of the monthly payments?
    Who sets the price of the balloon payment to ensure it hasn't been 'over-inflated'?
  5. And I wouldn't have paid £35k either!
  6. its where only the wheels actually belong to you :eek:
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  7. None (some are interest bearing though). The payments you make cover the depreciation. If the balloon has been set too high you walk away at the end and owe nothing further... If it's low and the car is worth more you pocket the extra. Balloon is set by the finance company based on term and projected mileage.

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  8. Flakey

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    Not necessarily
    This is 90 years old, has been in this condition since we restored it 30 years ago and averaged 2k miles per year in those 30years. Pictured camping at LeMans last year.
    It's worth considerably more than any splitty but perfectly possible to use, enjoy and keep in top nick!
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  9. It seems to be for people who can't afford the car they want, (their neighbours to see)
    but don't mind paying £400 pm for years for something they won't own..:rolleyes:

    A comical marketing ploy ..?
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  10. davidoft

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    Keeping up with the Jones's, never understood or been interested in them Jones's
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  11. Nah mate - gullible idiots who fall for it , as you say , can't really afford 'the dream'' :D

  12. with this camper being virtually "new" i'd say the obvious comparison would be against a new t5/6 and if you consider that these are what, £50k then it makes the t2 look good value.

    yes the t6 will have aircon, abs etc and all mod cons but the flip side of the argument is that the t2 has all of the classic charm and vintage looks you dont get on the new stuff.

    really don't like that huge air dam and fog lights though - they'd have to come off if it was mine - even if they were added "in period".
  13. if you buy it i'll gladly take the air dam off your hands, i want to give one a try for stability in the wind!
  14. Yes I agree with all that
    I don't understand why people think its
    A lot of money
    There's thousands of people riding around in 5s at 50k a go and think they
    have a wonderful purchase
    HP companies must love it:eek:
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  15. Just drive a bit slower ...;)

    Thank me later :thumbsup:

  16. Now that's what I call a proper old car.
    I could only dream about it.
    Mind you I did mention to her indoors I quite fancy the new mustang. She didn't say no.
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  17. Its not just for when I'm driving fast in the wind. I was driving around the M25 in horrendous wind and rain before Christmas and I had to go slower than arctics!
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  18. Ahh.. but if they didn't, you wouldnt have any second hand cars to buy?! :)

  19. would also work very well as a snow plough :thumbsup:
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  20. thats nice

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