FOR SALE Best Camper in the UK, 17000 miles £34,995

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  1. Not really?

    If you have saved £30k then you are the careful investing / saving type.

    Those that are happy throwing the cash away tend not to lay down the cash in a lump but effectively rent the vehicle, pcp/ lease.

    Now if all that's making the vehicle worth the premium is the exceptionally low mileage and condition then the depreciation is going to be fairly steep if you start using it too much.

    Here in lies the problem as far as I can the type that is happy burning the cash will struggle to finance the purchase outright and can't get the rental deal. Those with the cash are less likely to want to lose it as they saved it in the first unless they want a garage queen to look at.....

    Clearly this only narrows the market as there is always someone out there with loadsa money that makes £30k every other day though and couldn't give a hoot.
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  2. Mostly electricians and cab drivers.:)
  3. That is just beautiful! If I won Lotto I would buy it immediately!It's even still got those small black trim pieces on the seats.
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  4. So has mine. You can have it for 34k. Bargain!
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  5. Definition of well sweet. Unfortunately well out of my budget. Good luck to the sellers. :thumbsup:
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  6. my old mgb is a show car, sits in the garage dry and warm and away from the salty roads of winter until the Spring when it comes out for runs in dry weather and visits to the shows to meet up with its old friends which have also been cooped up for months. its a balance between using it enough and not putting too many miles on it and scratching the paint, its an investment. and I even get a bit worried leaving it parked up at shows.

    in contrast, my ordinary run of the mill tin top sits outside and gets used in all weathers as it would have when it was a delivery van. its for driving and having fun and no matter if it gets dirty or scratched. it may keep its value or lose a bit but who cares. its about having fun.

    I think the top end van at £35,000 is a show vehicle and at that price, the new owner would be worried about keeping it perfect and maintaining its value. I think it could become a mill stone.
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  7. It`s in a different league and will be bought by someone who thinks 35k is a good weekend away ..

    A director aquaintance fancied a splitty but didn`t have a clue so asked a reputable classic dealer to look out for one . They found him one alright . Good as it gets , one of the first UK busses to be registered with very little change from 70k ...

    He didn`t mind - that was peanuts and the missus liked the funky red and black colours so they went ahead and bought it .

    Credit to him , it got used but the kids got older blah blah blah and 5 years later he sold it having added 11,000 miles to the clock . Wouldn`t spill the beans but over a beer hinted at `a six figure sum`...

    Point being , it was just a toy , a bit of fun , something to put the kids in and drive to the beach . It might as well be a 35k bay , he really didn`t care

    Think how much mileage you do . Most vans on here are driven less than 3k a year which is more than acceptable in classic car circles .

    Whilst we , as enthusiasts , look on it as a precious museum piece your average punter looking for a nice van wouldn`t really care ...

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  8. Somebody needs to buy it and go out camping in it and use it what it's meant for, it reminds me of all those old toys people buy still in the original packaging unopened, waste of money lifes too short to worry about a silly campervan, buy this and you've got a minter end of.
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  9. Plus no welding, mechanic bills, parts, paint, hassle, breakdowns (maybe) for 10 years or so at least.
    And youve still got a minter :thumbsup:
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  10. as I said, if you have £35,000 buy a splitty, use it a bit and make money on it. they are the ones making big money.
  11. davidoft

    davidoft Sponsor

    not as much as you would think, no money in splitties these days if you ask me
  12. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    Those days passed a good few years ago now imho.
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  13. Back to the 'This one, or a new Danbury' question.
    I have personally had a couple come up to us when we were parked, complimented us on our bus, and asked where they might by one in such a condition.

    I told him what it cost me for our 'concours' restoration, and told him you can still buy a new one for that.

    He appeared completely unfazed at the price, said he would do a little research and hopefully get one to use next summer.
    You never know, he might well I suppose, the younger generation in the south of England seem to have plenty of spare dosh.

    I know a bunch of guys that think nothing of flying R/C model jets worth £10,000 (which cannot be insured) and carry them to the airfield in brand new customised Transit vans.

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  14. Oi !
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  15. A BBC report over the weekend stated that 85% of Ford's UK showroom sales last year were PCP deals.
  16. What if you don't want a splitty
    Not everyone does me included
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  17. Angel dust?
    Good way to seal the deal I suppose
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  18. I work for a main dealer in sales and most of our sales are PCP. This is partly from an affordability point of view, and partly from the offers which are stronger from a finance point of view than paying cash.
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  19. so many of the folks around where I live now have new cars based on the PCP deals. they want a new car with its long warranty and free servicing and doing a PCP deal paying a monthly fee is the only way they can afford a new car.
  20. Whats a PCP deal that some type of drug in it :eek:
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