Been in tears last 2 days. Sent my van for a cheap spray job and it's come back damaged.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by janerodger, Jan 13, 2019.

  1. What’s the agreed value ?
  2. I think you mean the insurer's repairers don't do classic vehicles. The insurance company should send out an assessor.

    Make them work for the money you've paid them.

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  4. For the bodywork - for the sake of a £20 panel and at most a days labour, to fit/fill/paint, is it worth claiming?

    Check the heads/studs/mounts etc, reattach the exhaust if possible, or weld it up if needed.

    Getting away from the Marmite paintwork that not excusable, the damage isn’t difficult or costly to sort.
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  5. It sounds a bit like it’s not insured on a classic policy, and so therefore, as it would be with a claim on a modern car, the assessor will look at the damage, look at the estimate and decided whether to write the vehicle off. I imagine this means a small payout but not an agreed value?
    That’s just what it sounds like to me.
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  6. It would be intetesting to see what the old Glasses Guide type of book value of a newer T2 is nowadays. They push Agreed Value nowadays, which is fine if you've invested a lot on restoration, but surely the current market values should have a bearing anyway if you look at any of the retailers nowadays, like Danbury or Brazilian Campers, you won't get one for less than £25k, more likely to be £30k.
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  7. Ha, yes when I wrote my post I was thinking of Glasses Guide but had no idea if it existed anymore!
    Cost of repairs versus market value of vehicle. A small bump in a car park would officially write my daily off (if I was stupid enough to claim) and yet it’s worth so much more to me as a reliable car, albeit 17 years old. That’s the way it is. Hopefully this isn’t the case for the campervan in this thread, unless they base it on a modern Danbury of course ;)
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  8. Sounds right. If it’s not on a classic policy (assuming these people do pay out - I’ve always doubted it), you’d likely just get scrap value. They’d just view it as a 1970s delivery van, value £30...
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  9. I insured it fully comp through Volkszone, the policy is with HIC and underwritten by Zurich.
    I haven't got an agreed value certificate yet as the vans not finished.

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    My point stands then.
    It’s either insured or it isn’t. Sounds like it is so they can’t “decide whether or not to pay out” based on the damage.
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  11. If there are any issues I think there is an Insurance Ombudsman that might need to contacted if they are refusing to help.

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  12. Through volkszone it should be a proper classic policy then, so I can’t see why they’re saying they need to decide whether to pay out or not. You’re insured, so where’s the question? Hope it works out for you, also hope that the crooks who got you into this situation get what they deserve.
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    We talked earlier in the thread about it being in the care of a functioning business, whom should be insured.

    Possibly the owners insurers are looking in to their liability commitment in that scenario....I suspect that the legal aid then sue the painter will be the route they go.
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  15. Sue the painter can’t help
    It’s Sue the Barrister that’s needed :D
  16. It's still going through insurance.
    The underwriters have lost all the quotes and photos I sent them and to resent everything today.
    This van is clearly jinxed.

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    That seems to be a delaying tactic, I’ve had the same on a couple of insurance claims
  18. Glad it's not just me. I haven't had to make a claim in years so a bit out of touch.
    Took 38 minutes on hold just to speak to someone so they could confirm their incompetence.
    Bought a cheap VW T25 to get by this summer as been promising the kids camping trips for 4 years.
    No taking the yellow snow please I know its not as pretty.

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  19. @monkeyvanwestybike Who's Sue:D

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