Been in tears last 2 days. Sent my van for a cheap spray job and it's come back damaged.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by janerodger, Jan 13, 2019.

  1. Err I’m thinking of getting mine wrapped what ice you got in your Dub mate?:D 09B9AA55-0119-4EF1-9D99-365C5D20C260.jpeg :confused:
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    I'm running quad Octimus Prime amps with Godzilla base bins and a cap that came from the crash site of the Challenger Space Shuttle.

    I shall only be playing German Techno on site, but saving Abba Gold for the journey home.
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  3. Come come, no Dubstep??
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  4. He plays Drum'n'Bass on site and James Last on the way home :thumbsup:
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    Nope, we are so hardcore we only play bass and bass, none of this drum malarkey.

    Anyone for the Skye Boat song....
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  6. I`ve got a Panasonic radio/cassette an` it`s fab :thumbsup:

    Grooving to The B52`s last weekend and saved Radio 4 for the way home :D

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  7. Just to update I'm not some scamming weirdo nutter. I'm a 40+ women who has spent over 4 years and 9k on that "minger"
    The insurance won't cover the damage, solicitors say they will take the liable claim but I've since found out the sprayer hasn't paid his debts at his last premises.
    Every time I get close to having it on the road something else happens.
    So I'm cutting my losses as I do not have time energy or funds to carry on.
    Thanks to all the helpful members on here for their kind words and support.

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  8. Sadly there are a lot of unsavoury types out there, not just in the vw world, and you only find out what weasels they truly are when it’s too late.
    Cutting your losses and taking comfort in the fact that your life isn’t the sham that theirs clearly is, is the best way.

    ... and always remember that revenge is a dish best served cold ;)
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  9. He'll get what's coming but need to bide my time.

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  10. Just found a letter from my insurance company in my porch today asking me to register a claim even though they said they wouldn't cover it. Going to have ago on Monday. If they will cover the damage then I might keep it.

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  11. Good news , maybe a better year is ahead ,good luck :thumbsup:
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  12. Serendipity. :) Ultimately it’ll be what it’ll be and scumbags are as scumbags do.
  13. Good news I think. I spoke to the insurance underwriter today. They have told me to get an estimate as their approved insurers don't cover classic vehicles.
    I have to send them an estimate and pictures of the damage, the whole van showing reg. no and the vin plate. The assessor will then decide if they accept the claim or not.
    I explained I can't drive the van and they said it was down to me to get it somewhere for an estimate.
    Does this sound right, I haven't made a insurance claim in years and ever claimed off my own insurance? Thanks for your help again.

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    No, it doesn’t sound right. Something doesn’t add up. They can’t decide if they accept a claim based on how bad the damage is. It’s either insured or it isn’t....
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  16. ron


    go to the small claims court its easy apparently - chances are he wont even appear - if you win and he doesn't pay next is high court ( easy apparently again) they will call in the sherriffs and they don't take no for an answer
  17. This ^ how can you insure a classic vehicle then the insurance tell you that its not insured?? :thinking:
  18. ron


    there we go

  19. Baysearcher

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    I’ve read the post several times now and none of it makes sense:
    Why did you speak to the underwriter?
    Did you buy from a broker or direct?
    Who is it insured with?
    Have you got an insurance certificate?
    Are the details on the cert correct?
    Their approved insurers or their approved repairers?
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    I’m sure I can :)
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