Been in tears last 2 days. Sent my van for a cheap spray job and it's come back damaged.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by janerodger, Jan 13, 2019.

  1. I think you’ll be seeing a lot of em in gardens soon as trendy sheds, or ‘lads football weekend tv rooms’ on George Clark’s small spaces...t b h !
  2. I agree, some are just ridiculous, over 20 grand for a bay, even high teens, mines 13 grand which is half what I spent over 10 years or so including cost, not in a rush mind but can't see the market improving ?
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  3. @Lord Congi i thought you sold it ages ago?
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  4. I blame the parents...
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  5. If you read the volkzone sales posting one way, all that the OP really wants is a cheap old car to get over LEZ restrictions, and for various reasons it turned out not to be as cheap as expected.
    Doubt that the asking price will be reached. More likely to be reached if a few hundred quid were spent fixing it...
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    I blame campertrumpjam
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  7. Fixed!
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  8. Strawberry?
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  9. Depends how far away you want me to stand? Up to 6foot is more expensive than the other side of the road, obviously!

    Oh, and if I use my big eff off catapult, the price goes up too...
  10. Dubs

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    I'm not after a show car mate!
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  11. "Will swap for useable T25, T4 or T5..."
    I think if anybody wanted a cheap bay to do up themselves, the way forward is to buy a cheap T4 and offer a swap.
    Not me though!
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    2 deer :D
  13. davidoft

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    Nobody does until they come to pay and they always expect it to be bettter than the budget they have
  14. @Soggz I like the brilliant idea of a Bay in the garden, maybe that's what will happen to mine when I'm too old to drive it. Won't be too much longer.
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  15. I suppose it's an age thing - most of us grew up owning cars thst needed looking afte

    Plonk it the garden, but visible from the road - then you'll have people come round and ask if they can have a look.

    They will eventually make you a derisory offer, and you can reply with a satisfying "nope".
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  16. I'm 40, so not too far behind lots on here (and in front of lots of others). What I meant was that I'm not tempted by this bus.
  17. Sorry, I hadn't finished the post - I was meaning that anyone in their twenties will love the idea of a T2, but would previously owned a vehicle that only needed the washer bottle topped up! To own and run a T2 would be overwhelming to them, they'd soon be looking at a T4 or T5
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    Not me! Got mine when I was 24.

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  19. Ok - except you !
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    Plus they probably have neck and/or knuckle tattoos.

    It's simply not the done thing for a T2 owner.
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