Barbershop Bay Bus Build

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  1. Especially if you have got good core components (ie, std bore case and a non reground crank) which don't need anything other than polishing
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  2. Is that just for the kit and a DIY fit? Blimey doing mine myself was even more of a bargain than I thought. BUT fellows stuff is damn good and their conversions don't have any I as far as I have seen
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  3. 5 grand to buy the parts to put a 300 quid engine in your bus yourself! Crikey!
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  4. Some of their bits seem reasonably priced, then some prices are 'super scene taxed' for example, brass fuel barb 8mm £35 - you can get one from eBay delivered for £2!
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  5. yea i completely agree with that. scene tax sucks haha. well iv just been and picked up an arc welder and grinder for when the project starts.... not sure when yet
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  6. hopefully saying good bye to the ibiza tomorrow so bit more going into the bay pot
  7. And don't we know it!!!!
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  8. Dazza

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    You've probably got your sights set on a bay and fair play to you, as all have said above they're tiny but I reckon a chair with room either side would work with compromises but that's no different to anything else you do in a bay....but....
    What about looking at an LT....loads of room, you can still pick them up cheap and I reckon you could set the barbers up and still have room to sleep and cook ..pig ugly mind but quirky
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  9. Terrordales

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    Shut up Luca.
  10. Need some ideas guys...... I'm on around a 5 grand budget to get one up and running..... I have a shell in sight that has had all body work done and is a complete rolling shell.
    so the 5k is for engine, electrics and paint. not interested in the interior yet just get the thing running n looking smart.

    engine g/box set up? i need to be able to tow my trailer tent aswell as me the mrs n 4 kids so some sort of half decent power output.

    Electrics..... need some half decent kit thats going to last and power what i need (small water heater for washing hands, hair dryer, steamer, etc)
    large lesuire battery power hook up. extra alternator?? solar?? anyone i should talk to??

    thanks guys
  11. hang on a minute, I thought you were thinking of a Bay for a barbers business, but now you have just mentioned towing a trailer tent and accommodating you and your mrs plus 4 children. All that on a 5k budget?

    I think you will need a bigger vehicle in my opinion. The LT suggestion makes sense.
  12. You will need a generator to run that lot
    And I think your going to struggle with engine,electrics and paint for 5k
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  13. All labour will be done buy me so that isn't going to be a cost. it just the cost of parts
  14. yes i do dreadlocks etc at festivals, this is what the trailer is for us all the sleep, not the van. the van will have 3 seats in the front. the barber chair will be retro fitted out of an old seat so will be secure and have seat belt and also 2 buddy seats fitted as and when needed. so that isn't an issue in my mind.
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  15. A Jurgens does have MUCH more room

  16. Sounds like a cool idea but as others have said a bay is very small inside and i really think you'd struggle space wise. Not to try and talk you out of a dream you have, have you been in the rear of a bay? Im in Warrington so if you want to take a look around one give me a shout! Hooe it works out for you. :hattip:
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  17. Baysearcher

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    Is it ready for paint i.e. welded, filled, sanded etc?
    If not that's your £5k done.
    Just paint could quite easily cost that.
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  18. Moons

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    Rustoleum hand rolled....
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    before you start, do you have a spare £30K to cover the cost of a decent van, then the cost of revamping the van and the interior to suit your barber shop needs, then the cost of a subaru conversion on top, then the insurance and public liability .. how long will you need to build it... will the thoughts of a mobile barber have wayned by then ? Not wanting to put a damper on your plans but could be saving you some serious heartache .. have you priced up the cost of panels for these rust buckets 5 k wont get you far.. youll be throwing money down the pan.. unfortunately ..

    Stick in the subaru and you wont be MOT exempt,not that anything should be mot exempt ..
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