Barbershop Bay Bus Build

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  1. Hello and welcome

  2. its more an extension of the current mobile business. for example i do mobile anyway. but thats going to peoples houses. but having a mobile shop will allow me to visit commercial premises also, allowing people to book a slot and have their hair done on their breaks. and as most of you say would be pretty cool at shows and events.
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  3. just quick one to let people know GSF and Euro car parts have 57 and 50% off :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
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  4. I don't mind cookin a breakfast...but ..
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  5. would you like something for the weekend sir?
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    The young 'uns on here won't understand that one.
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  7. I agree a bay is on the small side , you need some sort of swing out chair
  8. a packet of three for the weekend, those were the days.
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  10. Are you saying your no good with scissors or a hairdryer ?
  11. I think that's a Barnsley thing..:hattip:
  12. Intresting ,if your a mobile hairdressor now ,why not...

    I used to plod round shows and was always looking for a hour to kill...:D
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  13. spoke to Fellows today to get a rough idea on pricing for a scooby conversion. luckily being a handy guy alot of the stuff i come fab up myself because that is some expensive gear o_Oo_O

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  14. Anyone any thread links to a VR6 build please??
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    It’s bloody good though.
  16. Is the cost of the Scooby motor included in that list of parts?
  17. No.:)
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  18. didn't think so :eek:
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  19. It makes a big type 4 look very reasonable – if you build it yourself.:thumbsup:

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