Barbershop Bay Bus Build

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourselves' started by Josh Hough, Jan 2, 2018.

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    They aren’t as roomy as you think, raised floor where the seats are and stuff, just go straight for a Luton transit with a tail life
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  2. fair enough maybe a scooby box would be the way to go.
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    Hi from Cheshire , I’m currently converting a livestock trailer into a bar/coffee shop for a guy who already has a bus doing the same. I reckon there’s just about enough room to do a barbers as long as you can stand up in it.
    Good luck with the venture
    Don’t modern bays use the 1400 polo engine/box?

    Plus these guys manage to get 2of them working inside with a deep fat fryer so it’s possible
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  4. Good luck with it

    You want as much head room as possible-hi top seems a good idea
  5. I think your idea would work but if it were me I would do the haircutting etc, in a nice awning next to the van. I have been to an event or two where haircut or head massage etc are on offer and they used a nice awning, or fancy tent. with a small outlay you could try it during the summer show months and learn.

    As said, I think the bay van interior is far too cramped unless you get a different and bigger van.
  6. the fish and chip van is excellent, cooking inside the van and customers outside, customers could also sit at a table and chairs in an awning/tent next to the van.
  7. and I love the catchy sign The Fish Bay, its inspiring and hey just looking at the pic makes me want a nice plate of fish and chips for tea, yum yum.
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    Hello and Welcome from The Colonial Contingent
    No good asking me, I haven't been near a barber in over a decade.
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  9. I only go as I like the lady barber, I give her a good tip.
  10. so the kids are back in school tomorrow....... might get the garage ready and cleared
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  11. :eek:
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    I can't think of a single 1400cc production car that produces 250bhp, is it heavily modified?

    The issue with turbos is and always will be cooling, it's not impossible but is the reason most people don't use turbo lumps, diesel or petrol.

    The Boggo 3rib box will take 150bhp no issues, other than top end gearing.

    I admire your creativity with the van....I'd do some proper maths and have a real think about the practicalities of it.
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  13. can I ask if you are wanting the mobile barbers as a business, a summer extension of your existing business or just a hobby?

    it seems to be leaning too much towards technical issues to my mind rather than thinking if the mobile barbers would be viable and earn you money.

    being an oap myself, there seems to be a big trend towards home services for the elderly, that would be an all year round opportunity. Home barbering could be worth a go.
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  14. Welcome to the forum!
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  15. Barney needs a haircut......:D
  16. No I don’t ,I have a nice young lady come n do me once a month :thumbsup::)
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  17. Warm welcome from Surrey. I think it’s a great idea , particularly at the shows , good Luck

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    That's the cleaner, you silly old fool.

  19. Good idea ,good luck with it , I thought about havin a mobile cafe with a cut and blow job while you scoff . Fa lorry drivers ! ,!
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  20. Hi from West Lancashire - sounds like an interesting idea - good luck with your venture

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