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  1. Hi all,

    Not sure if i'm posting this in the right section as new to the site. so if it's placed incorrectly please let me know.

    first of............. HI :thumbsup::thumbsup:

    I'm Josh 29 from Warrington, Cheshire. started off my working life as a semi pro rugby player and VW technician then moving on the building Japanese race track cars. I then moved over to the groundwork / landscape trade around 5 years ago and am now a barber.

    So as the title suggests my plan is to build a fully mobile traditional barber shop in a Bay windowo_Oo_O. yes i'm a tad nuts but i love my job i love VWs and i love all things retro, SO WHY THE HELL NOT.


    I have my eye on a '73 2 window westfalia rolling shell with everything there but an engine. HOWEVER..... I do have a turbo'd seat ibiza 1.4 sport sat on my drive doing nothing so i could possibly fabricate the engine from that into the bus?? [​IMG]

    other that that its either a VR6 or Scooby heart?? all prod cons are welcome as i need to do this as cheap as poss. any links etc welcome and appreciated. And all help welcome.

    Thanks for reading

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  2. My first thought was that barbers require a lot of hot water for hair washing. Where are you going to fit the large water tanks? How are you planning to generate 240v power for hair dryers/clippers and bright lighting whilst mobile? I’m guessing that you are going to use a single point gas water heater, so you’ll need pretty big gas cylinders.

    Also I would assume you need to e able to walk around at least three sides of the barbers chair, will a bay actually be large enough?

  3. It's very rare i wash hair so lots of hot water isn't really an issue. just a 25ltr drum and a little leccy heated tap should be ample for what i need
  4. Before you get too invested, seriously rethink whether your potential customers want their hair done in a cramped camper, I know I wouldn't.
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    Moved to ' introduce yourself' It usually gets a good response here.

    Good luck with the project and welcome to the forum.
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  6. Thank you
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    Yeah but look at the state of you ;)
  8. davidoft

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    Good morning ( I’ve just woke up :) and welcome, Sounds cool, personally I would use a high top one , sounds cool
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  9. get a high top for it and it will be much roomier. could go to VW show sand do haircuts at shows. could potentially work out quite well
  10. the bus im looking at has a pop top so ideal in my eyes. i get what people are saying about space but i recon it will work.

    also been reading you scooby build thread over the last couple of days..... very inspiring. i'm a tech n all but think thats a tad outta my league but would love to
  11. easier to do a scooby engine than you think
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  12. Hi, from sunny Barnsley. A few left field life changes going on there. Good luck with the next one :thumbsup:
    Just be careful if you travel down East Grinstead to cut hair :rolleyes:
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    Have you been in a bay?
    They are TINY inside.
    Good luck with it but I’d be looking for something like a Jurgens.
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  14. I reckon a high top is a great call as they can have tall doors so standing and walking about will be way easier. Look cool too whereas Jurgens have a certain Brian the Snail look to them, which while charming is an acquired taste. Welcome and good luck by the way!
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  15. its the gearbox build. id loose my head with that haha always hated rebuilding boxes. but i suppose i could give you a shout on here if i got stuck haha. dont suppose you have a parts list do ya so i can weigh up some costs?
  16. Howdy! :)

    You’re nuts!!!!! Welcome to the asylum.
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  17. you can do it without the gearbox, just use a vw gearbox and adaptor bellhousing
  18. i need to do a full write up of costs and parts but there is a fair bit in my thread
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  19. Great to be here
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  20. what box would handle 200/250 bhp if was to use 1400T engine i have?

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