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  1. Hi, I’ve got the old thread reinforced connection pieces and they’re looking a bit tatty. It looks like these can be replaced with snug fitting rubber fuel line pieces. I’s this the case?

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  3. Ta, Will be fitting these ASAP
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  4. Changing all my fuel pipes and fittings at the minute.

    Most were in good nick, which makes me think that someone had been in there before...... Shame they didn't change the tank which was completely fubbarred!!

    Bizarrely, the one that is easiest to do.... The join above one of the batteries, was in the worst condition.... And fell apart in my hands!

    Coupled with the horrendous amount of oily gunk all round my engine bay. Only luck has kept me safe I think.
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  5. And the last part to remove today was the elbow by the filler cap.... It was rather split!
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  6. Always fitted fuel filter before pump....filters out crap before goes int carb.....nice and clean. I use some old semi plastic pipes that are years old and have never perished but not sure if you can get em anymore.....cant be said for the rubber ones the ethanol always seems to win eventually but if good quality should last .

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  7. Will probably post in the parts for sale area shortly but ... Anyone fancy one of those cheap and cheerful fire suppressant "fire balls"?
    I have two now no longer needed.
    Good first option while thinking about which system to go for beyond changing lines etc ......

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