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  1. Having just read this thread (well the beginning and the end) I realise I need to look at my tank breather system. I can see it's broken in the centre, and certainly have a fuel smell going right hand corners when full. The horizontal bit has mainly been used as wiring loom support track!
    I was blaming the fuel smell on just Carbs but maybe there's more to it.
  2. get it sorted. if you've got all your breathers in place (and not old/ perished) you shouldn't be getting any fuel smells. mine was missing a couple of the breathers plus i had a perished seal on the filler pipe - all done now and no more fuel smells. any smell means you have a fire risk. i also did all of the fuel hoses too, and i only use esso super (no ethanol) plus i have the vw aircooled works fire extinguisher and it's linked to the elec fuel pump so if it's triggered it'll cut the fuel supply to the engine bay. you can't be too careful IMHO. :)
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  3. Link for your fre suppression system ?. I've been looking for one . Although all my rubbers new from the neck down , can never be too safe!
  4. It got pointed out to me at Techenders that I don’t even have breathers nothing to be seen through the air vents - look purposefully removed...and no idea in the engine area. Engine has been taken out before by mechanics so I thought they would have mentioned it. Now looking at putting a mini one of these in:

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  6. We have started getting fuel smells (around the engine and in passenger area) immediately evident when returning to the garaged bus ... so not just after putting fuel in, or driving, or going round corners with a full tank.
    Had fuel lines done eight months ago and breathers above the tank six months ago ...
    Will be getting in touch with the guy tomorrow but wondered if anyone has any pointers on where best to look for causes given the work that has been done, given it doesn't seem to be a case of filling up to the top giving problems with the filler neck, and given there are no "pools" that I can see either in the cupboard or underneath it in the garage ............
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  7. I'd like to get some advice on which of these two routes to go down in terms of auto fire extinguishers...can't afford the £225 vwaircooledworks (not that I can afford a fire either!).

    1: A standard setup I saw in others at Techenders...the £50 extinguisher from Just Kampers. With large twin carbs the space for placing it is limited to seemingly just above the Leisure Battery.

    2: The very exciting AFO Auto Fire Extinguisher Ball. Not only does it look cool for £25, the mini version is only 10cm by 10cm. From what I have read it behaves in a similar manner to the above extinguisher (in terms of temp activation and area covered etc) so my only other consideration is debris that is flung about damaging something. I imagine there is no debris from the JK extinguisher.
    Watch the video...hilariously 80s esque.
    I could mount this on the inside of the engine bay hatch.

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  8. the vw aircooled works system is gas. the ball and the cheap jk one are powder. if you trigger the powder systems you'll end up with a lot of powder to clean up and potentially a big issue to sort out, esp if some has gone in the intake? with gas that's not an issue.

    search some of the older threads - i have it in my head that someone had found another supplier that was much cheaper? can't find the link sorry.
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  9. There is this one:

    Seems to fit your suggestion...and if it will fit over the Leisure Battery I could squeeze it in

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  10. Tomorrow I'll be fixing one of those ball-fireworks to the inside of the engine lid because it's £35 worth of "peace of mind" while I'm cobbling together the necessary for a gas system ...
    Powder is definitely not the best but it's a stop gap.
    Someone may well put me.straight on this but I think the gas type has been discussed as being problematic if air continues to pull in, pushing any useful gas out ... but I think if you stop sharpish (which you would?) that's not an issue?
    The gas used now is not the toxic stuff anymore ... more like what gets used in inhalers apparently.
    There also seem to be more than one foam type, with one being more of a clean up and corrosion issue (like the powder) than the other .....
    I'm going to use a particular type of roofing membrane tape to stop any fixings working loose.
    You don't want a firework bouncing around in there :eek:
  11. PS ... Only debris from the AFO is bits of polystyrene,
    and I think it's not so much heat sensitive as flame triggered as it has a "fuse" around it .... so you could argue a bit late to the party?
  12. I’m now tempted to do the same.
    The Mini Ball is on Amazon for £25 and only 10cm diameter but should still fill the engine bay on, umn, explosion bonus is also a built in alarm!
    I hear what’s been said about gas being better than foam, but I reckon if I got a fire back there everything would be coming out, cleaned and replaced as required anyway.
    Ball is lighter than an extinguisher too...with the bonus of being readily available to whip out and throw at someone’s BBQ lol

    Let me know how you get on installing it.

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  13. PS...been told the true culprits of fire are dodgy electrics and leaking fuel lines rather than random catastrophic events, like an errant meteor...so, I hope to take control of those ‘potential’ contributors by keeping a close eye on them and regular maintenance.
    Prevention rather than reaction

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  14. Taken about 20 minutes so far (not including digging out various fixings and deciding how to do it) ... Will be another two wire loops to stop it rocking or slipping sideways. IMG_20180504_172023669.jpg
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  15. Job done :thumbsup:
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  16. Fantastic!
    My mini one is on order.
    Your engine setup looks different under the hood from mine but I’ll try and go down a similar route.
    Thanks for being the icebreaker on this (wrong analogy lol).

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  17. I have type 1 1600 stock machine.... apart from the air filter system !
    I need to check all my rubber pipes on the vapour recovery system , now i have read this article !

    If i have a aftermarket air KN filter ...sitting on top of stock carb where does the end of the vapour piping return to ??
    .... do i cut some tube and join it into the top of the air filter ?
    Anybody have a diagram or some advice. See photo of my engine bay

    Any advice very very welcome !

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  18. Hi.... I have a pancake filter...... should the end of the vapour breather piping go to the air filter..... ? Re "tapped the breather system into the air filter properly"
    How would you go about doing this..... can i just fit fuel line to the free end of my metal vapour pipe and push the new fuel line into the top of my KN filter (which is rubber / plastic)
    whats a good fix ?

    Any recommendation greatly received.
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  19. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    Get some sort of union fitting, ideally plastic.
    If the carb ingests a plastic nut you should be ok. Ingest a metal nut and it could be good night Vienna for your engine.
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