Avoid a fire, everyone should read this

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  1. Personally I’d source a genuine air filter and reinstate it as vw intended
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  2. Great information.... just read and checked my pipes.... on both sides are not joined but open in the engine bay
    The metal vapour pipes are 7mm OD , what’s the best pipe to buy to connect both together...can I buy a kit ? (what do I need to buy and from where!
    Once joined back together i’ve just hook up to my pancake filter ...by drilling and somehow finding a threaded connector to secure is that right ? ...
  3. I just used ethanol resistant fuel hose and some decent hose clips.

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    For the breathers any fuel hose will do.
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  5. I just found this bad boy this morning,do you think I should change it
    Found this bad boy this morning,do you think it needs changing? A4EF53EE-D012-4F09-BEDB-9A49C547EAB6.jpeg
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  6. Finally fitted my FireBall...now here’s hoping I never need it. That my require tidying up the dodgy wiring and reinstating the missing Fuel Vapour System

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  7. Welcome to the family :thumbsup:
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  8. We have nice balls hey!!

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  9. :eek:o_O:thumbsup: ... and we're hoping never to have to use them!
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    Has anyone heard of, or used these people?


    After my interesting petrol in the oil part of the engine I’ve shrugged off my previously nonchalant attitude towards petrol and fires :)

    Although my van has been in the garage and had quite a few bits replaced the garage couldn’t find a definitive cause for the problem. Maybe the advice to hit the carbs with something hard worked and I knocked the float valve back into position?

    I now feel I
    A. Need to get agreed insurance valuation

    B. Get a fire system in place.
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  11. As they supply both powder and gas versions it might be worth asking them what they think the pro's and con's are?
    Pressure failure switch/warning sounds like a good idea.
    (Don't need it with the Chinese firework powder bomb we've got though!)
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  12. This is my engine bay, note the fuel lines, these are braded stainless race lines my fuel filter is on the otherside of the firewall and thats a large alloy one from a fiat or small ford i think. The big lump of alloy is my lpg convertor which injects gas into the top of the carb. Then if these goes wrong there is a auto fire extinguisher sitting next to my leisure battery (out of shot) personally tons of powder and mess is better than non. Plus i do have large extinguisher powder again in the van and if to goes up after that then the fire gods can have it...[​IMG]

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  13. Hi I've I'm new to this site and I've recently purchased a 76 t2, I've came across this thread after checking Google for petrol smells inside the cabin, it's nothing major but noticeable, these are pictures of my fuel lines, note its a 2l reconditioned engine.

    I've checked the fuel filler pipe and it doesn't seem to be severed, on the last picture though there's a tube open and seems to be alot of black residue coming from it, fuel perhaps? Is it meant to be open like that?

    Kind regards

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  14. There's a fair bit of what looks like oil getting flung about in that last photo!
    I'm not the forum expert by a long shot so wait for others to turn up ... More likely to if this goes in "general.discussion" maybe? as I'm guessing those who know their stuff won't necessarily look at this thread ...
    Hope you get it sorted :thumbsup:
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  15. This ^ lot of oil there, some of the breather pipes look newish but i'd be concerned about the amount of fresh oil completely covering engine bay.
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  16. Disconnect battery, get that oil cleaned up and dry all electrical plugs/connections thoroughly you dont want a bad connection arcing and starting a fire! Then find where its leaking and get it fixed.
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  17. Looks like one of the breathers isn’t connected.
  18. Amazing the difference changing the breather system rubbers change the experience of a camper!!! Absolutely no smell anymore and feel safer
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  19. :thumbsup:
    Allow yourself a :chewie:
  20. Any progress?

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