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  1. Fix it. They should all be connected, fire risk if not.
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  2. Hi thanks for the quick reply.

    Upon further inspection, it looks like they were removed on purpose and are redundant; places for them on the carb are blanked. See pictures

    Since it's such an easy job, I'll reconnect them even if they are redundant however I am intrigued to understand why...
    has anyone come across this before and what is the reason for it?

    It might sound a silly question? But what is the point in them? She runs really well without them so can't be overly important in the running of the bus but they're there for a reason..?



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  3. it's venting fumes from the fuel tank so needs to be connected otherwise the fumes /fuel vapour is at risk of igniting. it's also possible if the tank is full to the brim and you wang it 'round a corner that fuel could flow through too.. if the one's you can see aren't connected you can prob assume that the ones over the fuel tank might need to be checked too.
  4. Okay,
    Which makes me wonder whether someone has made up an alternative venting system that bypasses the engine bay?
    I'll go investigate!

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  5. davidoft

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    if you fill your tank to the brim fuel will run out of the metal pipes onto your battery tray areas, they vent fumes from the tank, the pipes you see in the rear vents are condensing units and send the fuel vapour back to the tank in liquid form, any vapour that makes it past is pulled into the inlet and burned.
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  6. Flakey

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    The final connection should really be to the air filter box not direct to the carb!
    Looks like the rubber bits have just perished and no-one could be bothered to replace them and didn't realise they're quite important, it's a familiar tale :confused:
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  7. Off to get the parts now! Please could someone take a photo of the correct set up (or link to one that is definitely right) so I can make sure I do it all correctly! Thanks

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  8. Right so in the picture, the breather hoses go to the top of the air box at "A" right?
    And at "B", these two points are correctly blanked off?

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  9. [​IMG]
    This is what I have done, as I think I maybe missing the 'charcoal box' or something?
    Currently I've got the two (blue) breathers going to a T and then I rubber hose vents to outside the engine bay.
    Now is this okay or should I fabricate something to insert the rubber hose into the air cleaner box thing?
    Apologies for lots of questions, but I want to make sure my bus isn't going to go up in flames!!

    Thanks again!

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  10. I've been following this but can not see where #28 attaches to?

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  11. Flakey

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    On that diagram it would be the carbon canisters that not all busses have, should go to the air filter box, to outside engine bay is good but not perfect.
    Where does that pipe next to your new one disappear down to?
  12. It goes into a connection that comes off the this that's clamped in where the arrow points to other side of where the point is going though


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  13. I believe your setup should look like this. Screenshot_20171009-232353.png
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  14. my no. 24 is equally as bad:


    time to check all the others methinks!

    My van just has a simple pancake airfilter sat ontop of the carb and the breather pipe feeds direct into that, in the back of my mind I'm always wondering if there could be enough suction created to draw petrol in but I guess the condensers in the air intakes would act like a siphon break.

    I also have a seperate hose off the oil breather which has a mini air filter stuck on the end. Does that all sound typical for one without the normal air box unit? Is there a particular reason someone would have removed the air box for more power or lazyness?

    I'll try and get some pics at the weekend once the sun comes up
  15. Throw it over @snotty fence - it’s strangling the engine.
    There isn’t enough vacuum upstream of the throttle disc to pull fuel out of the tank.
    Throw that over @snotty fence too – it’s completely useless. The breather should be connected into the air-filter to provide positive crankcase ventilation.
    Unfortunately, yes
    Definitely not for more power.
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  16. Its for style and hesitation off idle.
  17. Hmmm. Looks like that’s another job to add to the list! Fuel breather pipes, oil bath air cleaner and all the pipes that go with it! :confused:
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  18. On a type 4 engine with twin 40's, is the only option for the connection #28 to vent to outside?
  19. No, connect the crankcase breather to one air-filter and the fuel tank breather to the other.
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