Any Vespa gurus here?

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  1. Scomadi seem to have been out-foxed by Royal Alloy, who were part of the Asian company that made the original Scomadi but now make virtually identical models for themselves. The legal wrangling put back Scomadi development by several years but I think they now make models with steel panels and have ditched Chinese engines for liquid cooled Aprilia ones.
  2. I will definitely be pulling it to bits at some point and doing a full resto. It runs well but really got the chewing gum and bailing wire maintenance and repair program; gobs of gooey electrical tape over spliced up wrong colored wires, dents pounded out with a framing hammer. It came with an extra engine the seller said was seized and would not come apart. The seller had a nice large house surrounded by some nice vintage cars, but all getting similar treatment plus a coat of brush paint.

    Honestly I didn’t feel 19 again when I tried it out. I was wobbly like I had never ridden one. I can’t believe I survived my late teens driving that thing as fast as it would city traffic, on the motorway, jeez.

    The reason I ended up with a bus in the first place was because it was a bribe from my family to persuade me not to buy a 400cc bike after I sold my scooter.

    My mother’s gonna kill me, but the missus wants a ride.
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  3. Well chuffed for you! Be a-great project to restore and ride. Got my lammy a couple of years ago after A good 25 year lay off riding scooters. Box of bits I had and a box of bits from a nice French chap !
    Cost me as it grew arms and legs and being a 80s scooter boy I wanted it bored and tuned and all that gubbins. Still playing with it mechanically and it’s great fun. I must ride it more!
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  4. Thank you!

    The 8” wheels have to go. That’s why it was twitchy and wobbly...not 3 decades gone by.

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